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Found 5 results

  1. News! - Update : EDDM Munich v1.1 by ShortFinal Designs ShortFinal Designs (Misterx6) has updated his EDDM Munich to version v1.1. This already outstanding scenery and X-PlaneReviews Best Airport Scenery : EDDM - Munich by ShortFinal winner 2019 🏅 has been updated and refined to it's current layout. Changelog v1.1 includes Added construction site at T1 and updated taxiway layout Added custom centerline lights for blue/orange taxi lines Added custom inset blue edge lights Added SAM Seasons compatibility,
  2. Scenery Update : KLAX - Los Angeles International HD v1.1 by ShortFinal Like most things in X-Plane, time passes quickly. It is hard to believe that ShortFinal's KLAX - Los Angeles release version scenery is already two years old, and two years is a long time in X-Plane development and that was (with the quick update) v1.01, not to be confused with this updated version v1.1. Actually this is the third LAX scenery from Mister6X or ShortFinal Designs. The first was a freeware version, but in retrospect nothing like the later payware version, and now this update version pu
  3. Scenery Review : EDDM - Munich by ShortFinal Designs The track record is certainly very impressive. From the mid-sized but mostly with the mega airports then ShortFinal Design (aka mister6x) is certainly a formidable scenery developer, his last release of LAX is a masterclass of the best scenery you can have in X-Plane right now. Only in one area to all of the sceneries that they compliment each other and that is all of them including mister6x's earlier freeware sceneries are all set within the boundaries of the North American continent. So the announcement that the nex
  4. News! - Simulator Environment : SFD Global by ShortFinal Designs Hot on the heels of ShortFinal Design's extremely successful EDDM - Munich scenery is the announcement of their next scenery... or project. It isn't actually a scenery but a complete reworking of X-Plane's internal terrain textures, autogen regions, and creating HD forest and vegetation textures. That is a really big proposition, but ShortFinal also have the runs on the board for you to know that if anyone can deliver such a big transformation of the simulator it is ShortFinal... and exhibit A, with their excellent J
  5. Scenery Review : KLAX HD Los Angeles International v1.01 by ShortFinal Designs Another LAX? Well yes it is and do we actually need another LAX... well yes we do. This is the third release of ShortFinal Design's scenery after the first with Salt Lake City, then secondly the magnificent Albuquerque International Sunport. And it is no hidden fact that ShortFinal Design is the multi-talented Mister X6, but "say didn't MisterX6 release a freeware KLAX - Los Angeles International"? Well yes to that question as well, so why do the same airport twice, and then actually ask you to pay for
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