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Found 8 results

  1. Aircraft Review : de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter -300 Series v2 by RW Designs It is just under three years ago in Feb 2015 was when RW Designs first released their version of the DHC-6-300 or the Twin Otter. It was a competent design as we saw in the review : Aircraft Review : de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter -300 Series by RW Designs. The aircraft did however have some traits that divided the purchasers into the "very much like" and the "missing something" divisions, I personally didn't mind it as it was at least a decent Twin Otter to fly. And here now is
  2. Aircraft Review - Airbus A330-300 v2 by RW Designs On the 1st October 2014, Jetsim (now RW Designs) released their version of the Airbus 330-300. Until that time Airbus A330 series aircraft where quite rare or poor (except the converted FS versions from Samen) and the aircraft certainly had a needed presence on our X-Plane airways, because the A330 Series was one of the best medium range aircraft on the market until the A350/Dreamliner B787 came along and now it is still a market winner because its base cost is quite low, efficient and airlines will purchase on that basis.
  3. Classic Aircraft : de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter by RW Designs The de Havilland Canada company of Canada (DHC) had a huge success with their DHC-2 Beaver utility aircraft that was and still is the one of the greatest bush aircraft ever built. And so if you are on to a good thing then being an aircraft manufacturer is that what you usually do with the next aircraft is to build a bigger, faster and better one than the original success story. This is the original DHC-2 Beaver (by Soul Made Simulations) and this is the size of the first aircraft and the blueprint for the
  4. Aircraft Review : de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter -300 Series by RWDesigns DHC-6 Twin Otters were quite thin on the ground for X-Plane a few years ago, but now that has all changed. First there was a great conversion of Syd Adam's version by Pedro van Leeuwen into his own freeware aircraft, and this was a great conversion. But it still had mostly default X-Plane switchgear and instruments and considering this the aircraft has still been overwhelmingly very popular. Now Jetsim has released their own payware version and this version is a complete ground up built aircraft of the
  5. News! - Coming Soon! : Hawker 4000 by RW Designs Payware Biz jets are very thin on the ground in X-Plane, in fact there is only one really top notch aircraft in DDen's excellent Challenger 300 but that is all about to change with another aircraft from DDen in the form of the Bombardier Global 6000, and before that JW Designs have announced coming very soon is their Hawker 4000, which was formally known as the Hawker Horizon. Rumors are that it is very good, very detailed and the aircraft comes with an adapted version of the Tekton FMS, the sam
  6. Aircraft Review - Beechcraft Duke B60 by RW Designs The Beechcraft Duke was originally created as a gap filler in between the Beechcraft Baron and the Beechcraft QueenAir in the Beechcraft Twin-Engine sales lineup, but the aircraft never became a big sales hit (only 598 Aircraft were produced), and many commentators noted that overall Beechcraft didn't want to take sales away from their highly successful (and profitable) KingAir lineups, so the aircraft became really just a small niche aircraft in Beechcraft's history. That is not taking away that the aircraft was not popular, because it was.
  7. Aircraft Review : Supermarine Spitfire Mk.1 by RW Designs "I either go up, or blow up... Which one do you want" Says an irascible Sir Michael Caine in the 1969 file "Battle of Britain" as he sat in a Supermarine Spitfire waiting to get back into the fight with some annoying Germans that wanted to invade the United Kingdom in the long summer of 1940. Forever the Spitfire will be associated with those few months of desperation to counter the German advance across the English Channel. To a point that is unfair as the aircraft was very successful in many other
  8. News! - Coming soon - DHC-6 Twin Otter -300 series update v1.2 by RW Designs The Twin Otter DHC-6 -300 Series by RW Design's is getting an upgrade soon to v1.2. On of the most visual changes in v1.2 will be the choice of either the original long-nose version... or the new short nose version. The different noses will be available with every variant, including the standard wheel version (above), Ski, Float and Tundra version. Choice of nose is via a popup panel at your change of variant. Sounds have been completely over
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