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Found 11 results

  1. News! - Project Update : MD11 by Rotate Rotate has released a WIP (Work In Progress) video of their forthcoming McDonnell Douglas DC-11 Tri-Jet for X-Plane11. The developer is noted for their excellent MD-80 which has a huge following in the simulator, and the larger MD-11 aircraft has been in development now for 3 years.... yes 3 years. The video shows extensively the MD-11's exterior model and detail, showing the concept is almost complete in this area. We also get our first comprensive look at the systems and the highly detail FMC integratio
  2. Aircraft Update : McDonnell Douglas MD-88 v1.43 by Rotate The Rotate McDonnell Douglas MD-88 has been flying in X-Plane for a fair while now, so as users we are not unfamiliar with the aircraft. The last significant update was in early in October 2018 (v1.42 with the WebFMC addition) and it is in the quality of the aircraft is that the MD-88 has been solid in that no more tweaking was required, in fact this new update is still quite small in fixes, that is until a new upgraded version comes along after the release of the long awaited Rotate MD-11 Tri-Jet. First a note..
  3. Aircraft Update : Mcdonnell Douglas MD-88 v1.42 by Rotate The Mcdonnell Douglas MD-88 has had another upgrade. It is a slightly different change this time around because both the main new features rely on 3rd party plugins, and so except for a few tweaks and bug fixes from Rotate the MD-88 is now just as good as ever, and even better. The new features are both plugins. One is WebFMC by Green Arc Studios and the second is TerrainRadar by DrGluck. Both are excellent plugins, but as we shall see in that the MD-88 certainly benefits even more so from their incl
  4. Aircraft Update : Mcdonnell Douglas MD-88 v1.40 by Rotate Rotate has done another significant update to the MD-88. We all had a wish list for this aircraft and it seems the developer is ticking them off one by one, as every update brings us something new. Weight and Load Menu One of the main quirks of this MD-88 aircraft was setting out the CoG (Centre of Gravity) and takeoff trim. Get it wrong as you usually did and you would get that constant aural warning right through the takeoff phase of the flight. Yes it was annoying, certainly more so as you thought you had
  5. Aircraft Update : McDonnell Douglas MD-88 Pro v1.31 by Rotate It is only a few months since the MD-88 from Rotate went X-Plane11 compatible. So here is another update v1.31 in covering more areas of the aircraft to make it fully X-Plane11 compliant. To a point the earlier v1.30 was just a transition phase to cover the Mad Dog to make it work correctly in the new X-Plane11 environment, it was very good in making the performance and physics work correctly, but it did not cover every aspect of the aircraft's systems and flying performance in X-Plane11. This update is really all about
  6. News! - Aircraft Announcement : McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Coming from Rotate Everybody loves some good news, but great news is even better. Rotate the developer house that created the McDonnell Douglas MD88 has announced their next project is the Tri-Jet McDonnell Douglas MD-11. Now that is totally brilliant news. These middle-tier Tri-Jets are certainly in need of a though deep design attention in X-Plane and the coming of a MD-11 in the sort of quality that we have with the excellent MD88 is going to be a much anticipated release... when, no idea, but I hope before Chri
  7. Aircraft Update : McDonnell Douglas MD-88 Pro v1.30 by Rotate The McDonnell Douglas MD-88 has been upgraded to v1.30 and now comes with the added Pro moniker. The better news is that this version by Rotate is also compatible or "flyable" in X-Plane11. It is to be noted that the update v1.30 is for X-Plane 10.51, but changes have been accommodated so it will fly in the current X-Plane11 beta and a final X-Plane11 version of this aircraft will be released when X-Plane11 goes final. There are a few quirks in flying the MD-88 in X-Plane11 of which are to be expected, but
  8. Aircraft Update - McDonnell Douglas MD-88 v1.20 by Rotate Rotate have updated the McDonnell Douglas MD-88 to version... v1.20. As updates go it is not a long list but has some really nice significant new features. Note: since this post there has been an update v1.21 posted, details are noted below. The main feature has been the work on the Weather Radar and TCAS - Traffic Collision Avoidance System. And the new system is also compatible with any third party addon using X-Plane's multiplayer interface to position traffic and it has been tested in IVAO and VATSIM, of whi
  9. Aircraft Update - McDonnell Douglas MD-88 v1.11 by Rotate Rotate has already produced another update for the McDonnell Douglas MD-88. This v1.11 update is really a patch, but a quite an extensive patch that it covers again a lot of ground in firming up the MD88 as a first-rate aircraft. Yes it does still certainly have a way to go but the basics are now in place to build up the feature list. Full v1.11 Changelog is: - Fixed list filter in ARRIVALS page. - Random missing waypoints in STARTRANS are now inserted correctly. - Inhibited the CRZ ALT limit d
  10. Aircraft Update : McDonnell Douglas MD-88 v1.1 by Rotate As long as I have been in X-Plane, I can think of no aircraft release as dividing as Rotate's McDonnell Douglas MD-88. You were either in one camp that absolutely adored it which was most of the users, but the 10% in the other camp absolutely hated it. Both reasoning's were by and large... reasonable, some however were totally out of the ball park and plain stupid. I think the real objective points was somewhere in the middle. I will state my position as in the "I really love" the 90% MD-88 aircraft camp, but I
  11. Aircraft Release: McDonnell Douglas MD-88 by Rotate Rotate has released their version of the McDonnell Douglas MD-88. This aircraft is available on the X-Plane.OrgStore NOW!. This is not a review but a preview and my very first impressions of the aircraft to give you guide on what the MD-88 is actually like and what is available on the aircraft. One thing I will make clear is that the MD80-88 series is my holy grail aircraft (only the Vickers VC10 is above this series in desirability). I have watched countless hours of YouTube in cockpit
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