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Found 6 results

  1. News! - Laminar Research : (another maybe) X-Plane12 Preview Another preview video has been released from Laminar Research, and it is noted as the X-Plane "Next Generation Fleet Preview One" (you mean there is more!). This video notes the release of an Airbus A330 as a new default aircraft for the X-plane Simulator, and it is noted as "Coming Soon"... it does not clarify however if the A330 is being in a X-Plane11 release or part of a new X-Plane release due (well about seven months ago) supposedly to be called X-Plane 12. Obviously it quickly sparked the i
  2. Laminar Research : X-Plane and the future in the new world order It was almost impossible to define X-Plane as an ongoing simulator in all the hype of the release of Microsoft's reinvention of it's original "Flight Simulator" product. For one only beta (and alpha) users had access to it and also for most of that final build periods they where also heavily restricted by a NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement, and step out of line and you were severely wrapped over the knuckles... all in the name of creating a good impression. But the mega-changing simulator is now out there
  3. News! : X-Plane goes 11.50 final Laminar Research have announced that X-Plane has gone 11.50 final. The statement is here: "X-Plane 11.50 Released, introducing Vulkan and Metal Rendering X-Plane 11.50 is a pivotal update to the app that provides faster graphics processing, fewer visual stutters and an overall increase of Frame Rate (FPS). Taking advantage of the latest rendering technology, X-Plane 11.50 ships with compatibility for Vulkan on Windows/Linux and Metal on Mac. Think of these as the language of your graphics card (GPU). We have measured improvement acr
  4. Behind the Screen : Laminar Research... X-Plane 4Ever! The Coronavirus killed a lot of normal events that post out your X-Plane year. In this case was the Expo Simulation FlightSim event that was set to be in Las Vegas in June 12-14 2020. With the event cancelled you also lost the exposure of the main yearly Laminar Research demonstration but worse was their forward announcements on the future or the roadmap of the X-Plane Simulator. The timing couldn’t be worse as the simulation community is now also getting closer to the FS2020 simulator release from Microsoft, due around the third qua
  5. Laminar Research : v11.50 Beta - Vulkan/Metal API by Laminar Research This is a first impression of the new X-Plane version v11.50, it is the update with the new Application Programming Interface (API) and the API replaces the decades old OpenGL API that was part of X-Plane since the first simulator was released in 1995. So it is a big deal. So why is the API a big deal? Mostly because it goes right to the heart of the core of simulator, but not on the aerodynamic side, but the visual screen rendering side of what you see and in the way you interact with your computer a
  6. Ben Supnik noted in the last developer post (Rumors of My Death…) on beta updates. There there will be an intern beta before b10.30 is rolled out. That beta will now be called b10.25. And juicy it will be because besides a few bug fixes, the main focus of the release will be on a lot of new "Terrain Textures" and mostly focused on "cold wet climates", by which is the current underlaid urban textures that make up the urban areas (usually grey) to define the differences from the totally green carpet look. More of these regional textures are promised as well as they become available. Th
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