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Found 17 results

  1. News! - Aircraft Updated : BAe 146 Professional updated to v1.1 and now on the X-Plane.OrgStore Poof!... Suddenly there are wheel chocks on my BAe 146 Pro? Where did they come from? Officially the changelog notes a change from the release version v1.0 to v1.1... but in reality there are a load of hidden version changes set out inbetween from the beginning of May. The update changes that have been added in, are v1.0.5 to v1.0.7, so that is three significant sets of new features, changes, bug repairs including the minute v1.1 update that only actually includes the "TM
  2. Aircraft Review : British Aerospace 146 Professional by JustFlight Was it the accidental success story that even the aircraft manufacturers of British Aerospace were surprised by? It certainly was not expected to be a big seller, but it was, if just under 400 airframes produced was a major success story. But a great aircraft it is. The British Aerospace (BAe) 146 was created to fill in a marketing gap. Faster and bigger than a regional turboprop, but smaller than a standard airliner like the 100 seater segment Fokker 100 and even the smallest of the Boeing 737 family. D
  3. News! - Plugin Update : Traffic Global v1.0.9997 by JustFlight I was thinking only a week ago, that it had been a fair while (August 2020) since JustFlight had updated their Traffic Global application with any changes or new stuff. Then straight out of the blue came my answer in a form of an update in a new version to v1.0.9997. There are of course two major traffic applications in X-Plane. World Traffic 3, which is far cheaper and more detailed in traffic than Traffic Global, but WT3 is also heavy on your system and you have to generate the traffic every t
  4. Aircraft Review : Beechcraft Duchess Model 76 by JustFlight and Thranda With most developers in that they usually keep to a particular category or theme in say all General Aviation, Airliners, Helicopters or the just plain weird. But JustFlight with Thranda tend to jump into any category that produces interesting aircraft, so can you as these developers go then pigeon hole them as what sort of developers they are. So from a review point of view you know that really anything could be next up on the release from JustFlight for a review. In the early releases they tended to follo
  5. Aircraft Review : Avro Vulcan B Mk.2, K.2 and MRR by JustFlight The Avro Vulcan (officially Hawker Siddeley Vulcan from July 1963), is a four-engined jet-powered delta wing strategic bomber, which was operated by the Royal Air Force (RAF) from 1956 until 1984. The Vulcan B.1 was first delivered to the RAF in 1956; deliveries of the improved Vulcan B.2 started in 1960. The B.2 featured more powerful engines, a larger wing, an improved electrical system and electronic countermeasures (ECM); many were modified to accept the Blue Steel missile. As a part of the V-force, the Vulcan was
  6. Aircraft Review : PA-28-181 Archer III by JustFlight and Thranda Over the 2018/19 holiday break I flew both the earlier JustFlight/Thranda aircraft in the Arrow lll and the lV Turbo. This was to see how the aircraft still lived up to their reputation of the best of the rest. Overall they did, but a few things also came to pass. First and foremost, the aircraft are slow, the Turbo was a little better at around 165 knts, but an average ground speed in the Arrow lll of 125 knts is a twiddle or play with your fingers time... even after two hours flying I had barely moved across the map
  7. Aircraft Review : PA-28-181 Archer TX/LX XP11 by JustFlight-Thranda I know, I know... who wants another PA-28 from JustFlight, I mean just how many Archers (slash) Arrows can you have before it all gets way, way too much and not to mention that shrinking bank balance... but yes here is another one, and this Archer is the TX/LX version. "I don't need a TX/LX version", well maybe not, but after reading this review you then just might stretch yourself to just one more PA-28, because this version has a few nice and interesting features. To clear up the TX/LX designations then the T
  8. Aircraft Review : PA-38 Tomahawk by JustFlight-Thranda One aspect of reviewing is to find or filter out aircraft that goes beyond the basic simulation of flying the aircraft. This focus is to recommend certain aircraft to be used in a learning context. In other words if you are coming into a simulator for the first time and know absolutely nothing about flying, but want to earn your wings or basic want to fly an aircraft, then what is actually the best aircraft to buy to do this. So such a basic trainer is required as learning to fly in X-Plane is not as far removed as you would do
  9. News! - Announcement : Duchess Model 76 by Just Flight - Thranda Just Flight/Thranda have announced their next release as the Twin-Engined Duchess Model 76. This is the first twin released for X-Plane by Just Flight. The aircraft is replicated from two real-life Duchess aircraft, G-BZRT and G-GCCL, and every past released of Just Flight aircrat have been very highly featured and detailed... that is reflected in the price as well, but at least they deliver for the money and there is not one Just Flight aircraft that has been released yet for X-Plane that has disappointed me or has b
  10. News! - Aircraft Updates : JustFlight updates ALL aircraft to 11.30 JustFlight/Thranda have updated ALL of their aircraft to X-Plane 11.30 specifications... All changes include: Common to all aircraft Support for rain effects (requires free 3rd party "librain" plugin) Improved VR (VR Pop-up support, cleaned up yoke, more supported knobs, etc.) Improved sounds and sound effects Upgraded to SASL 3.5.1, which now includes pop-out window support Revamped RealityXP configuration to bring it to the latest capabilities of the GTN750 Revampe
  11. Aircraft Review : BAe Systems Hawk T1/A Trainer by JustFlight - Thranda Design The Folland Gnat T.1 was the mainstay of RAF jet training onwards from 1959. The aircraft was a nimble and extremely good training aircraft for pilots moving into military jet aircraft and then moving on upwards to the heavier Hawker Hunters and English Electric Lightings. But in the early 70's the RAF realised that the next generation of jet fighters would require a more advanced trainer and a two-seater to accommodate the Sepecat Jaguar and the Panavia Tornado. The result was the Hawker Siddeley Hawk T
  12. News! - Released : Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer by JustFlight/Thranda The sensational Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer was announced by JustFlight/Thranda Design back in February earlier this year. And usually with such announcements then the release usually follows with a month or so? So the gestation period for the Advanced Trainer has been unusually long... The feature list (below) and the detailing quality is huge... Noted release comments: "The Hawk T1 has been modelled to an exceptional level of detail, f
  13. Aircraft Review : Cessna 152 ll by JustFlight Thranda The choice of an aircraft to learn to fly on is very important, mostly in every case the training school provides the aircraft, so you don't personally get that choice anyway, but you could always hunt around the flying schools to get the machine you personally want but in most cases you will then pay for that privilege. However in most cases you will usually end up in a Cessna 150, the trainer "that trainers use" is the base line of the bulk of trainers, not that they are loved as nicknames for the 150 are not that particularly
  14. News! - Now Released - Cessna 152 ll from JustFlight/Thranda Only weeks after their excellent TB10 Tobago & TB20 Trinidad release then JustFlight/Thranda are already back with another aircraft... Coming very soon is the X-Plane11 version of their Cessna 152 ll with the 110-hp (82-kW) Lycoming O-235-L2C piston engine, note the ll (Two) version is designated for the advanced avionics package "Nav Pac" for IFR use. We got an early look at the aircraft and as expected it is another little gem from JustFlight. This is overall just a basic trainer, that is it what it was
  15. Aircraft Review : TB10 Tobago & TB20 Trinidad by JustFlight/Thranda for X-Plane11 I own and drive a French car. My first French car was a Peugeot 505 and I didn't keep it very long because it was riddled with electrical issues that were the sort that if you left the battery connected it could simply go on fire. But there was something wonderful about it (when it ran correctly which wasn't very often) that I connected with, it was quirky, but had features that were very clever and it handled like nothing else. So with the next few cars in my life I missed the quirkiness and they
  16. News! - Just Flight release new Aircraft in TB10 Tobago & Trinidad JustFlight have released their next aircraft in the French Socata TB series of the TB10 Tobago & Trinidad. Feature list is HUGE, but so is the price at US$41.95 Model Accurately modelled TB-10 Tobago and TB-20 Trinidad, built using real-world aircraft plans Numerous animations including passenger doors, baggage door, cockpit window, sun visors, oil cover and dipstick, engine access door, TKS fluid door and NACA ducts
  17. News! - Aircraft Release! - PA-28-161 Piper Warrior ll by JustFlight/Thranda JustFlight and Thranda have released their fourth aircraft based on the PA-28 Cherokee. This is the PA-28-161 Piper Warrior ll after the other PA-28's of the Arrow lll, the Turbo Arrow lll and the Turbo Arrow lV. The difference? The Warrior ll was the 160 hp (119 kW) Cherokee with the tapered wing and was first certified on 2nd November 1976. The aircraft is just slightly heavier and has the PA28-160 Cherokee's fixed landing gear. Internally you would be hard pressed to tell the difference betw
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