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Found 7 results

  1. Scenery Review : KLAS - LasVegas by FlyTampa One person and one person alone created the Las Vegas we know today, that desert gambling paradise that shines in everything that is "Sin City", and would send any woke person into hysteria of everything that is wrong or from another perspective right with the western developed world. First thoughts would shout "Frank Sinatra" and his in famous "Rat Pack" and the mob investment. But crooner Frankie and his pals where present in the early late fifties and early Sixies and by the late sixies Las Vegas was already feeling like a doom town,
  2. Scenery Review : EKCH - Copenhagen XP by FlyTampa Everyone has a bucket list. A list of destinations that they really want and still considering everything that list is still pretty long in X-Plane. Our hopes were quietly were raised as a few more of the iconic brands of FlightSim movement moved over into X-Plane, but in reality a lot of them if not all of the bigger scenery art houses don't do or release any of their most high profile products in the X-Plane Simulator. This was in fact a really big head scratcher in the fact that why try to make a big new presence in a new platfor
  3. Quick Impression : LGIR - Heraklion International Airport by FlyTampa Having looked at the other two Greek FlyTampa recent scenery releases of Athens XP and Thessaloniki XP for X-Plane11, it was only fitting then to have a quick look at FlyTampa's LGIR - Heraklion International Airport in FlyHeraklion XP... LGIR was the first release of the XP series and this is FlyTampa's version with JustSim having a LGIR - Heraklion scenery as well... and I will note that in this Quick Impression is that I am using the misterx6 SFD Global autogen, but it isn't really required as the provided c
  4. Scenery Review : LGTS Thessaloniki XP by FlyTampa In April 2018 FlyTampa a very well known and respected FS/P3D scenery developer released their first scenery for X-Plane. This was FlyCorfu XP and a very nice if small scenery it was. The main feature was not actually the airport LGKR that was the focus of the scenery, but the full aspect of the island of Corfu was covered with custom photo textures and 3d modeled buildings, and so also in creating a full and complete vista of the Greek Island. This was the reputation that had delivered FyyTampa into it's lauded position
  5. Scenery Review : FlyCorfu XP by FlyTampa If I ever went to most Flight Simulator forums or any debate about Flight Simulator (P3D) vs X-Plane then one name always came up... FlyTampa. In most cases in the forums the users were usually absolutely loath to give up their FlyTampa sceneries. So no matter how advanced or how many features X-Plane put into their simulator it was always (with a few very good aircraft developers) a major sticking point with FlyTampa sceneries not available in switching over to the X-Plane platform. It is amazing that a developer can have such a grasp of so
  6. News! - Released : First FlyTampa Scenery with Corfu As noted on the 20th March "FlyTampa coming to X-Plane11" The developer has now released their first scenery for X-Plane and surprise, surprise it was "Corfu!" Feature notes are: - Corfu Ioannis Kapodistrias (LGKR) airport. - Complete island with custom mesh, hand-placed vegetation, and 3D lighting. - Full coverage with custom buildings and all known landmarks. - Sloped airport terrain (X-Plane only) - Animated apron vehicles, road traffic, and ship traffic. - Animated 3D Ramp workers. - Pre-rendered self
  7. News! - FlyTampa coming to X-Plane11 Only a month after developer FS/P3D Orbix has announced and released their first scenery in X-Plane, now comes one of the other main heavyweights to join them in FlyTampa! The significance of FlyTampa more than the other developers is that they are not constrained to the USA/Europe axis, yes they do deliver scenery for the US/Euro areas, but their OMDB (Dubai), YSSY (Sydney) and VHHX (Hong Kong) are areas not covered by any current developers and these sceneries are the most bootlegged sceneries in X-Plane. F
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