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  1. Hi Stephen, Some of your comments surprise me. Thanks for allowing feedback on this forum. I like the red and yellow ladders. Why do you need to know which is default? You refer to the right MFD RP2 as basically your heading dial. Huh? It is much more than that. Check out the Flight Manual beginning on page 3-54 and also the weapon system page 5-76. WOW is not a humorous reference. It stands for Weight On Wheels and is listed in the glossary. I don't understand your comments on the APU having a mind of it's own. Are you using the checklists to startup? I don't see these issues you are having? Flaps are NOT set at 100% for takeoff, you might be confusing the HUD N1 indication with flap position. Flaps are set to 60%. Your comment about flaps going to 88% on throttle up is also incorrect. I think you are looking at HUD N1 indication. Check out page 3-24 of the manual. N1 may reduce due to the x-plane FADEC control. You mention that the Raptor "takes ages" to make a turn at M 1.20. Really? Do you mean in auto pilot? On approach you say you want control so that you can approach at 250 kts then down to 160 knots. Why not fly within the systems settings? You don't need to approach at 160 kts until the gear and flaps are down and altitude is low. The airplane isn't going to fly well the way you want. It's only going to fly the way it was designed. Check out the approach visual aid in the .org support forum. And, try using APC on approach-why not? Are you saying that the Raptor AUTOMATICALLY dumps fuel? Nah! As for Roll 2 See.......I like it for taxi. It is initially looking down but the view comes up as ground speed increases a bit. In the air, it is, as you say, a love it or hate it kind of thing. Thanks again for the opportunity to provide feedback. I do enjoy reading your reviews. I had to sign up just to comment on this one. Blue skies!
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