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  1. WOW!!!! I'm loving it! I can feel close to you Nigel, seated outside near to the harbour, sipping a granita al limone....
  2. Dom, once more, I'm speechless!!!! In addition to my passion for recreating realistic scenarios for X-Plane, I have a second passion for reading Dom’s reviews. You can grasp the essence of my work like no other. Thank you eternally. Cami
  3. Hello Stephen, thanks for your excellent review of the Lampedusa and Linosa Islands scenery package. But I most point out that the CDB Library is not required in this scenario. Keep up the good work for all enthusiasts and thank you so much! Cami De Bellis
  4. Peter and Dom, I'm speechless about how to say thank you to both of you! I really appreciate this review. It's a compensation to months of work and dedication and searching of info, details and photographs and investments as well. Keep up the good work you guys doing to our XPlane community! Thank you!
  5. Hi Stephen, 

    I want to say thank you to you for the amazing review. 

    Take care guy. 

    Happy holidays.



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