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Aircraft Review: DeltaWing Simulations CRJ 1000 X-Plane 12

Dominic Smith

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CRJ-1000 Header.jpg


Aircraft Review: DeltaWing Simulations CRJ 1000 X-Plane 12

By Michael Hayward



The CRJ 1000, a product of Bombardier Aerospace, represents a remarkable evolution in regional jet design. As the largest and most advanced member of the renowned CRJ family, this stretched model was developed in response to the increasing demand for higher capacity and more fuel-efficient aircraft in the regional aviation market. With a seating capacity of up to 104 passengers, the CRJ 1000 allows airlines to maximize their profitability on medium-haul routes while maintaining a high level of passenger comfort.


The decision to stretch the fuselage of the CRJ 1000 was driven by the need to optimize its performance, operational efficiency, and environmental footprint. Equipped with state-of-the-art avionics, aerodynamic enhancements, and powerful engines, the CRJ 1000 delivers a smooth, quiet, and comfortable flying experience for both passengers and crew. Additionally, this aircraft boasts reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions, making it a sustainable choice for the future of regional aviation.


Beyond its impressive technical features, the CRJ 1000 also addresses the evolving needs of airlines in terms of route flexibility and fleet management. As carriers continue to adapt their networks and schedules to shifting market dynamics, the CRJ 1000 stands out as a versatile and cost-effective solution. Overall, the development of the stretched CRJ 1000 model showcases Bombardier Aerospace's commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in the highly competitive aviation industry.




DeltaWing, a small team of four members, primarily develops high-quality fighter aircraft for the X-Plane platform. Recently, through a collaboration with AD Simulations, they ventured into creating commercial airliners, specifically the Bombardier CRJ family.

The Bombardier CRJ is a regional aircraft produced between 1991 and 2020 when Bombardier Aviation decided to exit the commercial aviation industry and focus solely on private jets. With over 1,900 units manufactured, the CRJ family has led the way in low-capacity and high-efficiency jet travel.


In this review, we examine DeltaWing's CRJ-1000 and delve into how this team, experienced in virtual military aircraft development, has approached the creation of one of the most successful regional aircraft in aviation history.


Aircraft Specification

  • Crew: two
  • Length: 128ft 5in/39.1m
  • Wingspan: 85ft 11in/26.2m
  • Height: 24ft 7in/7.5m
  • Empty Weight: 51,120lbs (23,188kg)
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 91,800lbs/41,640kg
  • Powerplant: General Electric CF34-8C5A1
  • Aircraft Performance:
  • Range: 1,650nmi/3,056km
  • Service Ceiling: 41,000ft
  • Max Cruising Speed: M0.78/473kts/876mph

Download & Install

The download and installation process for the DeltaWing CRJ is straightforward. After purchasing from the org store, you receive a ZIP file containing the aircraft's components. Simply drag this into your aircraft folder and launch the simulator. Upon the first load, you'll be prompted to enter your serial number. After pasting it and reloading the aircraft, you're all set.


The CRJ package includes four documents: two change logs, a checklist, and a comprehensive 90-page 'quick start' guide. This guide covers everything from the aircraft's operation to its various displays and hardware configurations for diverse yokes and joysticks. With its thorough coverage of the CRJ's details, I highly recommend studying this guide when familiarizing yourself with the aircraft.



Exterior Model

DeltaWing has meticulously crafted the CRJ model to closely resemble the real aircraft. Employing techniques such as bump and specular mapping, the plane features highly detailed markings and panel definitions.


crj-1000 - 2023-04-29 14.03.15.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 13.55.29.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 13.58.31.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 13.57.27.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 13.54.45.jpg


The aircraft's surfaces appear clean and impressive from all angles, with each individual detail visible and well-defined – from the rope hooks on the wings to door levers and emergency slide panels, all animated. The CRJ's every detail has been painstakingly replicated, including the aircraft's skeleton beneath the wing, visible when deploying flaps, slats, and speed brakes. Other features include radar fins on the belly, antennae on the tail, APU exhaust at the rear, and AoA and pitot tubes on the nose. No detail has been overlooked, enhancing the aircraft's realism.


crj-1000 - 2023-04-28 20.18.20.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 20.19.03.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 20.30.31.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 20.35.58.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 20.42.40.jpg


Upon closer inspection, the level of detail becomes even more apparent. The landing gear is particularly impressive, with each strut and bolt intricately modelled and weathered to resemble a real aircraft with years of service. The tires and contact points with the ground are also accurately depicted, giving the appearance of slight deflation under the plane's weight.


crj-1000 - 2023-04-28 20.21.03.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 20.21.43.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 20.22.21.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 20.25.53.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 20.17.43.jpg


High-resolution 4k textures are used throughout, ensuring that even the smallest details appear sharp and visible across the body. Rivets and decals, including 'No Step' markings on the wing, are precisely rendered. The landing gear's attention to detail extends to the tires, which display the Michelin Man and logo through bump mapping. DeltaWing's commitment to producing a high-quality aircraft sets it apart from other developers in the industry.


crj-1000 - 2023-04-28 20.35.58.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 20.37.09.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 20.44.20.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 21.37.42.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 21.43.20.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 21.46.13.jpg


The DeltaWing CRJ comes with a selection of nine liveries, including six airline designs, a Bombardier house colour, and two custom developer colours. The available liveries are as follows:

  • CRJ 1000 House Colors
  • Delta Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Iberia Regional
  • Air France (by Brit Air)
  • Aegean
  • Lufthansa CityLine
  • AD Simulations
  • DeltaWing Simulations

These diverse liveries offer a range of options for simmers to choose from, enhancing the overall flying experience.


crj-1000 - 2023-04-28 23.59.59.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 00.00.16.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 00.00.37.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 00.00.59.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 00.01.20.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 00.01.37.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 00.01.56.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 00.02.14.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 00.02.33.jpg


Cockpit & Interior

The CRJ cockpit is incredibly well-designed, featuring every detail you'd expect from a high-quality jetliner in X-Plane. DeltaWing has used 4k resolution textures, giving the cockpit a realistic appearance, complete with light weathering and textured glare shields that look fantastic from any position. A combination of buttons and switches are spread across the main and overhead panels, all clearly labelled and easy to navigate. Manipulating aircraft systems is hassle-free, making the CRJ a joy to fly.


crj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.09.27.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.10.47.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.14.23.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.12.01.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.19.04.jpg


The add-on comes with a comprehensive EFB tablet system for managing weight and balance through fuel load and passenger count. It offers a weight calculation tool that provides takeoff and landing speeds based on the aircraft's configuration, which is invaluable for ensuring safe operation throughout the flight.


crj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.27.36.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.27.41.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.27.45.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.27.50.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.27.54.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.27.58.jpg


The Flight Management Computer (FMC) employs the default X-Plane system, but it has been customized to match the real-life CRJ's style. Though some finer details of aircraft management may be absent, the default X-Plane FMC is widely used for its realism and functionality. DeltaWing intends to upgrade the CRJ's systems with real-world CRJ pilot support, potentially leading to a complete system overhaul in the future.


crj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.10.13.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.20.43.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.14.55.jpg


Additionally, the aircraft features a fully modelled cabin interior, arguably one of the best in any flight simulator platform. The standard two-by-two seating layout is accompanied by interactive elements like window shutters, overhead lockers, and cabin lighting controls. There's also a lavatory at the rear and a flight attendant's jump seat that can be slid in and out of position.


crj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.05.02.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.05.08.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.05.59.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.06.06.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 21.59.02.jpg



DeltaWing has exceeded expectations by including such attention to detail, even though many developers maintain a basic cabin for smoother operation and fewer polygons to model. If you enjoy experiencing the flight from a passenger's perspective, you'll appreciate the effort DeltaWing has put into the CRJ.


crj-1000 - 2023-04-28 21.59.28.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.01.14.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.01.55.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.02.12.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.00.21.jpg


DeltaWing has integrated authentic CRJ aircraft recordings into this add-on, delivering a high-quality and immersive sound experience both inside and outside the plane. FMOD has been employed to ensure accurate audio positioning relative to the listener. In the cockpit, engine noises are less pronounced due to the distance between the pilots and the rear-mounted engines. However, they remain audible, contributing to the immersive pilot experience. As you move towards the back of the cabin, the engine noise becomes increasingly noticeable, peaking when you're near the engines with throttles at full power.


The exterior sounds are equally impressive, featuring genuine CRJ sound samples skillfully integrated into X-Plane. The use of FMOD enhances the aircraft's realism, and the sound samples are of high quality, with no detectable loops. The combination of these elements results in a truly lifelike auditory experience.


Flight Dynamics

The CRJ is a joy to fly, thanks to its narrow body and relatively lightweight design for a jetliner, which make it agile and suitable for shorter runways. The CRJ-1000, being the longest in the Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet series, takes some getting used to when taxiing, especially given the position of the nose and rear gear. However, once familiar, manoeuvring the aircraft is not a problem. It's worth noting that the CRJ lacks autothrottle due to the engine's small size. As a result, pilots must manually manage throttles during different flight stages. This can be advantageous during descent, allowing for precise control over speed and descent rate.


crj-1000 - 2023-04-29 12.59.15.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 13.06.06.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 13.09.37.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 13.12.45.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 13.16.57.jpg


During cruise, the CRJ is a stable aircraft with no noticeable irregularities in its flight dynamics. The autopilot systems are capable of guiding the aircraft from point A to point B, with minimal pilot input other than engine management.


crj-1000 - 2023-04-29 13.30.57.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 13.28.43.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 13.26.49.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 13.27.41.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 13.26.12.jpg


Approach and landing in the CRJ require careful manoeuvring due to its T-mounted tailplane. Over-rotating the aircraft may lead to a deep stall, where the front wings obstruct airflow to the engines. However, this issue is unlikely to occur unless the aircraft is pitched unrealistically. With practice, pilots can consistently achieve smooth landings.


crj-1000 - 2023-04-29 14.05.35.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 14.23.49.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 14.31.00.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 14.40.00.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-29 14.40.29.jpg


Valencia to Murcia

To truly appreciate the Nostrum CRJ 1000 in X-Plane, I planned a short flight from Valencia Airport (LEVC) to Murcia (LELC), which would take roughly 30 minutes at cruising speed. With the aircraft fueled and passengers onboard, I taxied to runway 12 at Valencia. As I lined up on the runway, I set takeoff power, and the CRJ 1000 accelerated swiftly. Rotate speed came up at 125 KIAS, and the aircraft smoothly lifted off the ground. Once airborne, I set the climb speed to 250 KIAS, with a climb rate of approximately 2000 feet per minute.


crj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.32.27.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.35.38.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.37.24.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.38.15.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.40.06.jpg


During the climb, the view of the Spanish landscape was mesmerizing. The CRJ 1000's large windows provided an exceptional view of the fields, villages, and winding roads below. Cruising at 25,000 feet, I had the opportunity to experience the aircraft's performance and systems. 


crj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.41.46.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.42.59.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 23.04.33.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 23.05.52.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 22.52.31.jpg


As I approached Murcia, I began my descent and prepared for an approach to runway 05. The weather had become overcast, with spots of rain. Despite the changing weather, the CRJ 1000 handled wonderfully during the final approach and touchdown. The landing was smooth, and I taxied to the ramp and shut down the engines, thoroughly satisfied with the performance and handling of the aircraft in the X-Plane.


crj-1000 - 2023-04-28 23.10.22.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 23.16.47.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 23.18.28.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 23.21.56.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 23.31.10.jpg


Night Lighting & Performance

X-Plane, throughout its recent history, has consistently excelled in delivering realistic night lighting for both its default aircraft and scenery, as well as the many add-ons available, and the DeltaWings CRJ is no exception to this rule. The model features excellent night lighting in the cockpit and passenger compartment, along with exterior lights. The authenticity of these lighting effects is further enhanced by the fact that during my testing, I didn't seem to experience any performance penalty. With an Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card and a Ryzen 3600 processor, I consistently observed exceptionally good framerates, free from lags or spikes.


crj-1000 - 2023-04-28 23.38.53.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 23.44.05.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 23.43.34.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 23.42.10.jpgcrj-1000 - 2023-04-28 23.39.51.jpg


Opinion & Closing Remarks

Overall, the DeltaWing's CRJ-10 00 is a fantastic experience. The degree of detail and care invested in this model is quite uncommon in the world of flight simulation. Priced at $50 for each variant (with a 30% discount for those who already own their -700 & -900 models and vice versa), the cost might seem high for a regional jet within X-Plane. However, the quality you receive makes it a worthwhile purchase.


crj-1000 - 2023-04-29 15.37.54.jpg


While CRJ models have come and gone in X-Plane, it appears that we finally have one that meets the challenge in terms of detail and functionality. Although a custom FMS unit for the aircraft would be a welcome addition in the future, this minor issue doesn't detract from the overall excellence of the DeltaWing CRJ.


It's a fantastic aircraft, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in regional flying.






The DeltaWing CRJ-1000 for X-Plane 12 is available from the Org store here:


Priced at US$49.95


Features (not limited to):

General Notes

  • Basic Systems are programmed based on CRJ-1000 aircraft. In subsequent updates, we are making systems deeper and adding new ones. CRJ real-life pilots and a few simulator enthusiasts are helping us to develop and make them work properly
  • Flight Control Panel knobs support fast scrolling via left mouse button press and hold and precise scrolling via mouse wheel scroll
  • All switches now support new manipulators with Above/Below click for UP/DOWN movement and mouse wheel scroll
  • Mode Control Panel SPEED and other modes simulate the real Autopilot modes on the CRJs. 
  • Implemented Electrical System
  • Circuit Breakers are all animated and ready to perform certain actions accordingly to their function in future updates
  • Tablet/EFB on Captain and FO sides
  • Functional Audio Control Panel with lit buttons and animations
  • Rectangular and Arrows Flight Director Command Bars as an Options

MFD Multifunction Display can display the following modes

  • HSI The horizontal situation indicator shows the compass card with overlaid selectable navaids, bearing and course pointers
  • NAV SECTOR Navigation display with compass card and a background map. The navigation display shows course pointer and deviation bar. VOR bearing and DME distance information are shown
  • FMS MAP Flight Management System Map shows the track and waypoints programmed in the CDU (Control Display Unit). FMS MAP shows the aircraft heading.
  • TCAS Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System investigates the air traffic control transponders of nearby airplanes and identifies and displays potential and predicted collision threats. 
  • FMS PLAN MAP shows programmed waypoints of the route. Shows north at the top of the display. Waypoints can be selected by using the UP and DOWN arrows on CDU (Control Display Unit)
  • RADAR- to be implemented in future versions

Flight Model

  • The flight model has been carefully adjusted to match the real-life CRJ-900. Real-life CRJ-200/700/900 pilots were involved in the process.

Realistic wing flex

  • Wing Flex has been modelled and adjusted for realistic aircraft behaviour.


  • FMS and its Pop-Up are customized as far as look but based on the Default X-Plane one. 
  • Note: Default XP FMC is based on the Collins FMS-4200 and CRJ is using that one, no Honeywell and Thales types.

3D Modeling and Textures

  • Almost all maps are 4K High Resolution.
  • The exterior is modelled with all details existing in real aircraft.
  • Pilots are visible in external views and turn their heads slightly towards the camera view.
  • Interior modelling has been made paying attention to details in the real-life CRJ-900 cockpit.
  • The cabin and Stairs have adjustable lighting, see above.

The liveries included in the package are listed below

  • Aegean Airlines, American Eagle, CRJ, Delta, Horizon, IBEX Ana, Lufthansa, Scandinavian 1, Scandinavian 2, Spirit.

Unique Package Features

  • Stairs Rails can be raised and lowered (per customer request).
  • Cockpit shaders slide and rotate as you need them.
  • All Windows Shades, Overhead Bins and Seat Trays are animated and functional.

VR Compatibility
The package is VR-compatible.



X-Plane 12 Only (not for XP11)
Windows, Mac, or Linux
4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8 GB+ VRAM Recommended
Download Size: 1 GB
Current version: 1.0 (March 8th, 2023)


Reviewers System:

Windows 10 Professional
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Processor

Palit GeForce RTX™ 3080 GamingPro


Aircraft Review by Michael Hayward 

29th April 2023

Copyright©2023: X-Plane Reviews 


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copying of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) 



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