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  1. Thank you Dominic I also was on Frank's support forum. Stuart even links to this forum. It's just that the sentence I quoted says that the scenery "...comes with a nice manual, plus a guide and map...", so I was puzzled where it was. Dave
  2. Hello Stuart Thank you for a wonderfully detailed review. Just one question, though. You say "Fortunately, the scenery comes with a nice manual, plus a guide and map to show where everything is in relation to each other. As well as the included documentation..." Where is this nice manual and map to be found? It is certainly not included in my downloaded "Alps UHD XP12.zip" file. I have searched through every folder in the archive. There is only one file offered for download from the .org store. I'm very puzzled and will no doubt kick myself when I read your response 🙂 Greetings and thanks a gain for a lovely review Dave Britzius
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