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  1. 1 hour ago, Kiwiflyer said:

    Through your enchanting scenery Cami, I feel the warmth of this sun-kissed location, like stepping off a flight, taking breath, then, meandering through town, down to the glistening water's edge, across castor sugar sands, and finding that perfect, family run Ristorante, seated outside, with a cool breeze, sipping a life-giving granita, savouring the freshest local cuisine, all while watching the sun set lazily across shimmering tranquil seas.


    Am I dreaming?


    Not anymore. Thanks to you Cami, for transporting this Kiwi to distant shores and your stunning atmospheric render, and to you Dom for your beguiling review. I feel like I've just had a holiday. In-fact, now I can, anytime!


    Now... where's my suitcase?lol



    WOW!!!! I'm loving it! I can feel close to you Nigel, seated outside near to the harbour, sipping a granita al limone.... 

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