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  1. Kia Orana & welcome back Stephen! What a tremendous and comprehensive review of this South Pacific jewel. Thanks to this masterful work by Maps2X-Plane, while you've been sailing the South Seas, I've been rekindling my real life Coral Route voyages by air. The essence and magic of these majestic Isles has been captured for sure.


    Thanks for showcasing this extraordinary package, which was an absolute must for this Kiwi who lost his heart to the mighty Pacific many shimmering moon-lit nights ago.



  2. Through your enchanting scenery Cami, I feel the warmth of this sun-kissed location, like stepping off a flight, taking breath, then, meandering through town, down to the glistening water's edge, across castor sugar sands, and finding that perfect, family run Ristorante, seated outside, with a cool breeze, sipping a life-giving granita, savouring the freshest local cuisine, all while watching the sun set lazily across shimmering tranquil seas.


    Am I dreaming?


    Not anymore. Thanks to you Cami, for transporting this Kiwi to distant shores and your stunning atmospheric render, and to you Dom for your beguiling review. I feel like I've just had a holiday. In-fact, now I can, anytime!


    Now... where's my suitcase?lol



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