Aircraft Update : Airbus A320neo v3.0r1 by JARDesign   This new v3.0r1 version of JARDesign's Airbus A320neo is not just a version update, but also a compliant version for X-Plane11. Yes you can now fly the Airbus in X-Plane11 and use all the features of this latest version of X-Plane with one of the most popular aircraft in the simulator.     To signify the new X-Plane11 era then JARDesign has added in a new livery to the collection called "Home" by Slava. And very X-Plane11 it does represent as well.     The Airbus A320 on the surface my look outwardly exactly the same but v1.30r1 has had a significant 3d modeling overhaul, the external by Felis and the internal by Dron.     The Airbus always had a nice shine in X-Plane10, but in X-Plane11 it now looks like it has come straight out of the paint shop and straight to the operator in you. X-Plane11 does also highlight the detailing on the aircraft far more as well, the A320 looks beautiful and glowing in the morning light. Nice improvements also include the metalness and chrome feature in X-Plane11, this looks very nice as well on the engine inlet cowlings and winglets.     Both engine configurations that was with the v2.7 update are still here with the older ceo CFM56 or the latest neo PW1100G-JM engine options available.   Internal At first glance the excellent A320 cockpit looks exactly all the same.     But in v1.30 update all the instrument panels and the panel display glass has had a total makeover to match the new X-Plane11 material effects and the windscreen glass is also updated to use the X-Plane11 reflections better as well...     ...    and the panels now also fit far better together and to avoid those nasty "marching ants" around the displays, and yes if you look at the older version they were quite bad...  you did notice that didn't you?   Overall the panel fit is far more precise and is now totally perfect.   The Airbus's cabin in v1.30r1 has had a huge upgrade as well.     The cabin has been changed from the ceo (older) style cabin to the newer neo LED lighting style of cabin, which is very similar to the Boeing "Sky" interior designs. There is now a well defined business class and economy class. The neon lighting was in the older v3.0 upgrade, but this is a different colour and is better intergrated.     The economy style seating is absolutely first rate, with beautifully formed rear panels (the same ones you stare at for hours) and excellent overhead paneling with passenger air vents and lighting controls, this is the A320 cabin you always dreamed of.     Over-wing exits are well done, but the minute detailing is everywhere and the highlights are the actual windows with great cabin reflections and even the air hole between the external and internal glass. You now have the best airliner cabin window seat in X-Plane.     Note the lovely X-Plane11 PBR lighting across the cabin. Only item to note that the cabin overhead and sidewall lighting is connected to the cockpit overhead lighting, it is also adjustable, but only with both areas lit at the same time, and the No Smoking/Seat belt signs don't glow either and the monitor screens are blank, but you can't have everything.   FMGS (Flight Management and Guidance System) First to note that X-PLane11 changed the internal navigation data source that is different from X-Plane10. The A320 has been updated to reflect that change, but the Nav data is a little old, JARDesign recommends to update your data (current cycle 1704) if you have an account with Navigraph or Aerosoft-Nav Data Pro, you can also use the installed X-PLANE 11/Custom Data/GNS430/navdata/ folder data if you wish to as well, just copy and paste the data to the root folder "_navdata" in the A320neo aircraft folder. And you can choose your data source from the "MCDU" status page of which selection has now been improved.     The FMGS is also looks outwardly the same unit, and the actual input of data  and flightplans is not changed, but the system has had a large amount of attention under the skin.     All fuel and performance calculations are now correct for X-Plane11 performance, and the actual FMGS was broken by the new model and that is now also fixed. Vertical profiling performance has been revised to be now better as well, but the upper ECAM (Electronic Centralised Aircraft Monitor) profile display over lies the ECAM engine displays making it hard to read?     There was always an issue with the CRZ level setting when you inputted the data, and you always needed that the CRZ level number was reset before you displayed the route data on the FMGS screen. It is still worthy to rechecked this item after all performance data is set, but this quirk has been addressed.   Flight Ground Equipment has had a touch up as well with better textures to match X-Plane11. I personally always use the Ground Handling Deluxe plugin and either the built in ground vehicles or GHD can be used. It is important to update to the latest v.240317 version of GHD if you are running X-Plane11 and with this aircraft in that you not get simulator crashes, the older GHD affected xEnviro as well.     If you fly this A320neo from JARDesign, then purchase the excellent BSS sound pack. Overwhelmingly brilliant, startup is totally realistic, so turn your sound up for simply great sonic detail.     Aircraft looks excellent bathing in the X-Plane11 lighting...       The A320 is an aircraft you need to fly regularly, It requires a mastering of its behaviour, certainly in the takeoff phase and the transition too auto pilot flight, if you get through the full process without any autopilot cutoff's you are doing well.       Cabin view out is now excellent, great for replays and sitting back and enjoying the scenery...  and of course your mastery at the controls!       Cockpit panel reflections in PBR are incredible, breathtaking...     ...   The panel lighting brightness has been increased to give you more chance to see through the cross lighting better to read the instruments and it is thankfully better. Over items covered on the instruments are in the SPEED mode was unstable and now fixed, that annoying LVR CLB mode flash has also been addressed. and the ND (Navigation Display) path drawing (the line) has been redone. Other notes include small items like the baro and clock lighting and baro selector have both been fixed.     You now also have two mousewheel selections in "classic" or "comfort" (in the MCDU MENU), but the speed manipulator is annoying in if you try to adjust by moving the manipulator and not using your scrollwheel, it jumps to a very high or lower speed very quickly. Note the annoying vertical profile on the upper ECAM (left image above).   Cockpit lighting has had a few changes and adjustments, but the main overhead lighting is still on and can't be toned right down dark for landing and that makes the cockpit brighter than it should be on approaches, also like noted the overhead lighting is also connected to the cabin lighting.     Arrival at Manchester and down you go.       It is all about hitting the numbers...   get the correct speed and height and the Airbus rewards you with a great simulation.     You are going along for the ride as you twist into finals...  but you get great views of your approach through those nice clear cabin windows.     A lot of attention has been given to the ILS and approach phases of the flight with this 1.30r1 update. Covered are items including that the GA - Go Around has been fixed, ILS lock and approach has been fixed with the ILS dots and diamonds being now correct and finally your "Rollout" mode or Autoland has also been improved, and so there is no more hunting or missing the ILS zone area.     Manchester's western approach can always slightly confuse you? Runway 05R is far more forward than your runway on 05L, if there is a slight mist or haze (of which there always is at EGCC) then the mist can hide out 05L and all you see is that the runway is not in alignment, but that is of course the more forward right side positioned 05R...  It catches you out almost every time?       Oh and for the final piece of good news...   the engines will now switch off and power down and thankfully no more sitting around at the gate with the engines running like crazy.      Summary Any really good update is welcome, but this JARDesign aircraft is one of the most popular in the X-Plane simulator for payware. More importantly it is now X-Plane11 compatible and like any aircraft that is used in the new simulator it brings out the best in the design, but more so here as the aircraft has had a few new renders to take advantage of the new PBR features. Most notably the cockpit panel area and reflections getting a big overhaul.   They is also more than a few changes here. Both externally and certainly with that excellent cabin makeover, you do get a highly revised aircraft as well with a lot of small issues being addressed, most notably for the FMGS, flight performance (X-Plane11 compatible) and ILS/landing tweaks.   Once savoured in X-Plane11, you will love this aircraft as more than ever before. There is a huge selection of liveries now (134 at last count) at a new website for JARDesign liveries called "Simliveries", so go there and take your pick of many and download for your requirements.   A note that if you bought the Airbus A320neo after November 2016 (v2.7) then you only just have to upgrade and get a serial number for both X-Plane10 and X-Plane11 versions. If purchased before Nov 1st 2016 then you will have to pay an upgrade fee of $19.95 for the new versions.   So this 1.30r1 update is a very worthy step forward for JARDesign's Airbus A320neo. I spent a lot of time with the aircraft during the X-Plane11 conversion period and enjoyed this aircraft enormously in it's new X-Plane11 environment, and I am very sure you will too.   ______________________________________________________________________     Yes! the Airbus A320neo by JARdesign is NOW! Available from the new X-Plane.Org Store here :
JARDesign Airbus A320 Neo   Price is US$59.95   JARDesign Developer Support :  A320neo JARDesign
Full details and links for the BBS - Blue Sky Star Simulations sound packs is here:   Aircraft Addons : A320neo/A330-243 Sound Packs by Blue Sky Star Simulations   ______________________________________________________________________   Full changelog v3.0r1 + External 3D updated by Felis
+ Internal 3D and Ground stuff updated by Dron
+ Systems updated by JAR Need details? Well.. + objects and textures was reworked according with new material system of XP11.
+ redesigned/retextured MCP especially around displays (so you can see all panels layers here)
+ new textures on spots around
+ reduced amount of loaded textures (some are gone)
+ no more any gaps between panels (no flicker on any gaps in cockpit)
+ new reflections
+ now all cockpit screens/lcd panels have new glass with reflections
+ new things in cabin and new cockpit/cabin glasses (inside and outside)
+ some changes in Sky lights in cabine by yours requests
+ reflective ground stuff
+ NavData was removed from XP11 by Laminar Research and this was fixed for a320 (add _navdata with old Aerosoft cycle direct to a320 folder). Fixed.
+ User can select navData source at MCDU Status page. Improved.
+ add Diagnostic plugin, what can help if some installation was wrong (red message at screen if problem happen)
+ Perfomance and fuel calculation was broken in XP11 and fixed for version 3.0
+ Navigation system was broken and FMGS was reworked to be compatible with new XP FMS.
+ Cockpit buttons night lighting was broken. Fixed.
+ rework ND flightplan path drawing.
+ vertical profile calculation reworked
+ NEW CRZ FL option was reworked
+ Go Around fixed
+ ILS approach fixed
+ Impossible engines shutdown fixed
+ cockpit 3D light fixed
+ SPEED mode unstable fixed
+ LVR CLB flash fixed
+ display brightness improved
+ flight log improved
+ horizontal FD during SRS/RWY fixed
+ "CF" legs drawing improved
+ Rollout mode (Autoland) unstable fixed
+ reflection maps for external 3d improved (thanks Rashid)
+ brake and clock night lighting (front panel) fixed
+ baro selector work fixed
+ fcu knobs work improved (mousewheel selection work both for classic/comfort manipulators style) - please use MCDU Menu page 2 to switch style
+ not-transparent in-cockpit sunglasses fixed
+ engines start issue fixed
+ ILS DOTs indication fixed
+ JARDesign "Home" livery add (Thanks to Slava!)
+ download service add for free a320 liveries _____________________________________________________________________________________   Update Review by Stephen Dutton 4th April 2017 Copyright©2017: X-PlaneReviews   (Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)   Review System Specifications: Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - GeForce GTX 980/SSE2 - Samsung Evo 512gb SSD  Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11r1 Addons: Saitek x52 Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini Plugins: Environment Engine by xEnviro US$69.90 : Headshake by Simcoders : JARDesign Ground Handling Deluxe GHD plugin   Scenery or Aircraft - EDDH - Airport Hamburg by Aerosoft (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$21.34 - EGCC - Airport Manchester by Aerosoft (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$22.00