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Found 1 result

  1. News! - Plugin Update beta : WorldTraffic3 WT 3.1.10N by Classic Jet Simulations Classic Jet Simulation have released a last minute Christmas present with a beta/test copy of their next update to WorldTraffic3 (WT3). This is version WT 3.1.10N and it comes with some really nice fixes... here is the change log: WT 31.10N A message will pop up if you have plugin control of AI aircraft enabled but you haven't set the AI planes to the WT AI aircraft which would cause you to see overlapping planes. When opening flights window, auto-scroll to flight at current time Two ground routes get created for light prop aircraft as there is a big difference in landing distances between planes like the C-150 and BE-20. Planes will pick whichever ground route has an exit greater than it's landing distance as defined in the aircraft definition files. Three different ground routes for large jet and heavy jet aircraft for the same reasons. You can edit the taxi exit distances for ground route creating for large jet and heavy jet exits if you don't like the defaults if you want to tailor ground route creation for airports with several exits. Planes now pick whichever ground route is most appropriate looking at the aircraft's landing distance and whether the exit is a high-speed exit or not. If there is a plane on short final behind the landing plane, it will use max braking and pick the exit in line with the min landing distance as specified in the aircraft definition file. This helps reduce overshoots for planes behind landing aircraft. Planes will keep their speeds up if their exit is quite a ways down the runway so they get off the runways faster. Lots of other small bug fixes and improvements to separation including preventing more than 1 plane on short final. That isn't perfect yet but it's much better. Fixed issue where the odd plane would taxi onto the runway for takeoff but never depart... had to run WT in the debugger for 2 days to trap that one! Fix problem where aircraft overlap was detected at gates that were angled in relation to each other. Prevent planes from crossing runway in front of landing planes as soon as they touch down... was not updating landing aircraft position frequently enough Improved GA aircraft operation so planes including spawning fixes, approach paths, earlier landing points on runways Make sure when a plane crosses a runway that there is no plane stopped just on the other side so it doesn't end up stopped in the middle of the runway (still need to refine this) Missing from this update but will be in the Jan update: Use XP traffic flows if they exist and no airport operations file exists. Override active runways UI Autostartup Change demo version to work with full traffic at KSEA - will also distribute ground routes for KSEA For flights with tail numbers, check calculated arrival time and make sure it's at least 30 min behind it's departure time to prevent flights arriving later than their next departure time. Pick most precise approach when several available if on final before doing a missed approach, see if there is another free parallel runway that can be used Put planes in middle of taxi routes when resynching... if on top of another plane, move backwards down taxi route This is a test or beta version, so expect a few niggles, but currently it seems to be very stable. What this update does do is fix a lot of those little niggles that drove you balmy. Like the departing aircraft that sits on the runway hold, and then the rest all pile up behind it, or drive though the offending aircraft. Same with the aircraft that went to runway start position and again gave up... Aircraft that overlapped at certain gates, mostly on this circular satellite terminals where the aircraft didn't park very well. Another fix was to stop those pesky GA aircraft that thought they could do a quick runner over the runway, with shades of the LA crash that resulted in many deaths. The biggest bug of dual landing aircraft has had attention, it should be better with bigger separation distances as noted, but for some reason it seems extremely hard to fix, I am sure that CJS will keep plugging away at it. Current local time will now apply when you access the flight window, which works with the Zulu time (zulu time is still officially the main time keeper as it is in the real world). But it means no more constant scrolling to find the latest arrival/departure times, this is a very nice new feature. The main focus has been on runway arrival. Mostly to separate the GA from the heavies as GA aircraft now have their own set of ground routes for shorter landing distances and quicker turn offs, you need to regenerations to create the new ground routes, otherwise it still uses the current versions. The aim is get more efficiency at the runway arrival points (my guess is to to reduce the number of call-offs or go arounds) and to clear the runway for the next arrival with even aircraft keeping up their landing speeds if the exit point is further down the runway. More changes are coming in January 2019, including better use of parallel runways and better resyncing. Feedback is of course welcomed. WorldTraffic3 and all aircraft download links can be found here: World Traffic 3 Update Page A key number is required and it is placed within the "World Traffic" plugin folder to activate the plugin World Traffic development forum is here: World Traffic - X-Plane.Org Forums _____________________________________________________________________________________ The World Traffic 3 by Classic Jet Simulations is available! from the X-Plane.Org Store here : World Traffic 3.0 Your Price: $29.95 Update is free to all current users of the WT3 Plugin ______________________________________________________________________ News by Stephen Dutton 23rd December 2018 Copyright©2018 : X-Plane Reviews  (Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)
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