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Found 6 results

  1. Plugin Updated : xEnviro v1.16 (v1.15) by Dark Space It is back! Yeah... Well it never really went away, but it did for me. This Environmental Engine is in context the only weather application to have if you want totally realistic weather (sort of) in the X-Plane Simulator, but after nine boring months of X-Plane11's dull bland weather system, I will take anything that xEnviro will deliver. I was already bouncing between the buggy v1.13 and the very old v1.07 versions of xEnviro before, but with Vulkan unsupported by the xEnviro plugin application, and as I entered t
  2. Plugin Update : xEnviro v1.10 DarkSpace has released an updated new version of their environmental engine xEnviro to v1.10. Yes it's finally here... sort of. The ping pong story of xEnviro is going to be one for the grandkids, but we are holding in there and the release of v1.10 is at least a step forward. I will put my hand up and say I am a big fan of xEnviro, in reality it is absolutely everything I am against in buggy software, but I still use it... well v1.07 anyway which is currently over two and a half years old... v1.08... nah crap, v1.09 even more crap with ser
  3. News! - xEnviro environment plugin updated... again to v1.09! Errr! what happened there? Just a few days after the release of the long awaited v1.08, then v1.09 is very quickly on the blocks with some fixes. Changelog v1.09 notes: All notable changes to xEnviro project will be documented in this file. ### [Known issues] - Freezing during initial start up - Camera zoom is not supported by the volume rendered atmosphere. - Incorrect camera angle inside 3D cockpit. - Rough objects edges at mid and low resolutions ### [1.09] ### Added - Cloud shadows. - Checkbox to di
  4. News! - xEnviro environment plugin updated to v1.08! xEnviro has released the next version of their environment plugin to v1.08. This update is not the full completed version that xEnviro were working towards, but since the events surrounding the developer and his family, then this WIP progress version has been released. This v1.08 version has been in development for over 8 months and the basic code of the engine has been completely rewritten, plus it has a lot of new special features and effects, but I do stress the development was stopped and not complete
  5. Plugin Update : xEnviro Environment Engine v1.07 by xEnviro We all love something that fundamentally changes everything about the way you fly and interact with your simulator, in the last year since the end of November 2016 there was not just a simple fundamental change, but a complete cosmic wholesale change of the X-Plane simulator, in first the release of X-Plane11, the update of WorldTraffic to version 3 (coming real soon now) and the release of the xEnviro Environment Engine or weather engine. My very first impression of xEnviro was that it wasn't something that mu
  6. Plugin Review - xEnviro - X-Plane10 and 11 Environment Engine Simulation of weather in a simulator is one of the really difficult tasks of realism. In all its forms weather is complex and very diverse and changes forms constantly to the requirements of our planet's systems. Real life commercial flying is always looking for more and more information and data on what and how to predict on what the weather system is going to do next, and we want to simulate that on a computer, when they can't even do that in the real world. So mega supercomputers are mostly created for one
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