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Found 7 results

  1. Aircraft Plugin Review : REP for Carenado PC-12 XP11 by SimCoders Simcoders have changed their focus back now to Carenado aircraft for their next REP or Reality Expansion Pack, this is the Pilatus PC-12 in it's XP11 guise... and a very nice choice it is. Powered by the powerful single Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 turboprop engine (the PT6A-67B, 1200 shp), and the PC12 is certified for single-pilot IFR operations, and a great aircraft to use as a base for the expansion pack. A full review of the XP11 version of the Carenado PC-12 is here: Aircraft Review
  2. Aircraft Review : SIAI-Marchetti SF.-260 by JRollon and SimCoders The SF.260 was designed by Italian aircraft designer Stelio Frati, with production work originally performed by Milan-based aviation manufacturer Aviamilano. It was even before the aircraft's maiden flight that the project was then purchased out in the whole by SIAI Marchetti, who had purchased the rights to the design and the manufacturing which continued to be performed by this firm until the company was themselves bought out by Aermacchi in 1997. The aircraft is two-four seat single engined trainer, th
  3. Aircraft Plugin Review : REP for Default B58 Baron by SimCoders Laminar Research provide with the X-Plane simulator a variety of aircraft from heavy jets (B737/B748/MD-80), Gliders (ASK21/Aerolite 103), Fighter (McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom) and General Aviation aircraft such as the Cessna 172SP, KingAir C90B and the Baron B58. The aircraft are very good with a lot of features, but are mostly basic compared to the high-quality payware aircraft. So this leaves the door open for 3rd Parties to develop plugins to enhance the basic setup to add in something more realistic
  4. News! - Reality Expansion Pack for Laminar Cessna 172SP by Simcoders Simcoders have released one of their Reality Expansion Packs (REP) for the default Laminar Research Cessna 172SP. Extensions of Laminar Research's default aircraft are becoming the rage lately, and that is not a bad idea either in just ask anyone about ZIBO's work on the default Boeing 738. If you are not familiar with Simcoder's Reality Expansion Packs then they are a plugin that adds in functionality into an aircraft that covers areas like: Realistic stall speeds & behavior Re
  5. Aircraft Update - CT210 Centurion II v3.1 by Carenado + Reality Expansion Pack by SimCoders The main v3 updates for the Carenado aircraft were done this time late last year, this v3.1 update is not a full complete version change, but more of a tweaking in bringing the aircraft current and to update with the finalisation of Laminar Research's v10.42 X-Plane serial change. A note that the whole Carenado range will be updated to this v3.1 version by Christmas, so check your accounts to download the newer versions. As there has also been released an addon Reality Expa
  6. Aircraft Plugin Review : Reality Expansion Pack (REP) for Carenado B58 Baron SimCoders have released their latest REP or Reality Expansion Pack for Carenado's B58 Baron general aviation aircraft. This expansion pack covers many areas including the aircraft's flight dynamics, more onboard systems and failures, extra tools including maintenance hangar, a kneeboard, the weight & balance and an extensive walkaround, sounds are also more highly advanced. Carenado B58 Baron Before we cover the REP package, let us familiar ourselves with the original Carenado B58 Baro
  7. News! - Released - SimCoders Reality Expansion Pack Bonanza F33A If you love your Carenado Bonanza F33A as much as I do... Then this is the pack for you. When Carenado updated their CT210 Cessna lately SimCoders brought out a "Reality" package to go with the aircraft. X-PlaneReviews did a full coverage of both releases here: Aircraft Update - CT210 Centurion II v3.1 by Carenado + Reality Expansion Pack by SimCoders These extensive reality packs extend the basic (If not good already) Carenado aircraft by adding in features like: Realistic stall sp
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