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Found 6 results

  1. News! - Previews : Just Flight Bae146 Professional for X-Plane Just Flight via their facebook page have shown off some more spoiler images of their coming Bae 146 Series aircraft. The images cover the Bae 146 features including: AviTab (EFB) integration – a popular freeware EFB. Cockpit night lighting. Avionics/systems progress, e.g. VSI/TCAS Brake temperature indicator WXR New animations such as variable pilot and jump-seat positions, and cabin doors/stairs (with 2D control panel). Passenger cabin/galley area.
  2. Plugin Review : Traffic Global by JustFlight I have flown before X-Plane had any Traffic and ever since it has made it's way into the X-Plane Simulator, and personally it is one of the really big important plugin's you can add for your X-Plane experience. Having empty airports just does not seem realistic, and sitting in line waiting for your takeoff slot is a high moment in your flying realism factor... so yes I am a huge fan of Traffic action. There are currently a few tools to create Traffic in X-Plane. First is the worse with the X-Plane built-in A.I. system which i
  3. News! - Announcement : PA28-181 Archer lll by Just Flight - Thranda In the same vein as their Piper Arrow and Turbo Arrow, the next release from Just Flight is the PA28-181 Archer lll... This aircraft fits into the Piper PA28 family with first the earlier Cherokee, then the Arrow and next in line was then the Archer variant which had a five inch fuselage extension, wing span increase, larger horizontal tail, gross weight increase over the Arrow, it will also be a analog gauge aircraft as this version is the Archer lll that first flew in the mid-nineties, it is the current Archer L
  4. Aircraft Review : PA28R Piper Arrow III by Just Flight - Thranda The forward march to the Holy Grail of simulation is ever on going. The constant steps in to recreate the almost exact feel and replication of an aircraft for casual fliers but more importantly for trainee pilots in the wanting to get experience on the aircraft before tackling the real thing. In many ways the General Aviation segments in simulation are then always the most competitive in this field and as to get that right if perfect characteristics relayed through the controls and the general operations of the a
  5. Aircraft Review : PA28R Piper Turbo Arrow III / lV by Just Flight - Thranda In October 2017 Just Flight with partner Thranda released the PA28R Piper Arrow lll. Which by all accounts it is an extraordinary aircraft. The aircraft is also in the company of some of the most competitive competition with both AeroSphere Simulations and vFlyteAir both providing the same Arrow lll versions for choice. All are good, but vFlyteAir's version just updated is also exceptional. In reality the vFlyteAir version of it's Arrow lll should have won my best aircraft of the year for GA aircraft, but t
  6. News! - Aircraft Coming : Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer by Just Flight/Thranda Usually most developers stay within their designated basic genres in X-Plane and only a few develop outside that envelope. But Just Flight with Thranda are going to shake up that theory. Already known for their excellent GA's with the Arrow lll/lV series, their next release is a light jet? and not only a light jet but the Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer! Detailed Description is: Model Accurately modelled Hawk T1 a
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