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Found 13 results

  1. News! - JARDesign Airbus A340-500 goes into beta JARDesign have declared their coming Airbus A340-500 is soon to go into it's beta testing phase. First announced back in April 2018, this is the third Airbus project from JARDesign after their Airbus A320neo and Airbus A330-243. Notable is the fact like in most X-Plane releases, get one finally released and you are bound to get another... that aircraft is coming via ToLiSS who are developing a A340-600, yes a different variant, but still a A340 airframe. "when it rains"... JARDesign have released some in pro
  2. News! - Aircraft Update : Airbus A330-200 v3 by JARDesign The Airbus A330-200 by JARDesign has been upgraded to version v3.0. The main focus of this update is the transition of the aircraft's coding from the SASL plugin to C++ (instead combined of SASL & basic X-Plane FMS). This has changed the dynamics of mainly the FMGS or Flight Management and Guidance Computer but also removed the menu system that was located on the left of your screen. So all the menu elements are now located within the MCDU Airbus (Mulitpurpose Control & Display Unit). This in
  3. News! - Cyber attack : JARDesign site attack The X-Plane JARDesign developer site was involved in a cyber attack, details from JAR are noted here: "On the night of January 31st 2021, our website and servers were attacked," the developer noted in a Facebook message. "The attack on the servers resulted in crashes when loading the X-Plane if our products were installed in the plugins folder." "The services were unavailable and it took us about 5 hours to fix the problem. I apologize to our users for these problems and these terrible 5 hours. Now, the work
  4. Aircraft Update : Airbus A330-243 v1.2r2 by JARDesign In April this year JARDesign unleashed on to X-Plane their greatest masterstroke yet in the Airbus A330-243. The accolades came and with justification as it is a simply brilliant aircraft, and another milestone in X-Plane development. But it did have one issue and this was a global issue that affected other SASL powered aircraft and was not just related to JARDesign in that there was a crash for Mac users in the sounds department. It was a tough nut to crack but a solution has finally been found and the plugin has been fixed. So t
  5. JARDesign : A320neo Beta Update v1.55b JARDesign has posted a small inclement upgrade to 1.55b... note it is a beta. The added items are noted as: +Tuned fuel flow. +Dynamic camera. +New SASL server activation protocol compatible. +More short period of switching GROUND mode - NORMAL mode (after takeoff). I couldn't work out the Dynamic camera? and there are no notes on how to use it from JARDesign either. I noted the poor fuel flow when I did the BNE (Brisbane) to CNS (Cairns) route, so the fuel tuning should hopefully fix that.
  6. Aircraft Update : Airbus A320neo v3.0r1 by JARDesign This new v3.0r1 version of JARDesign's Airbus A320neo is not just a version update, but also a compliant version for X-Plane11. Yes you can now fly the Airbus in X-Plane11 and use all the features of this latest version of X-Plane with one of the most popular aircraft in the simulator. To signify the new X-Plane11 era then JARDesign has added in a new livery to the collection called "Home" by Slava. And very X-Plane11 it does represent as well. The Airbus A320 on the s
  7. Update Review : JARDesign A320neo Version 1.5 JARDesign have updated the A320neo to version 1.5 from the interm beta1.5 that I covered on the 7th August 2013. Although noted as just an tuning upgrade there is significantly far more in this release that warrants a look over to see what has also been released. First there is a common theme coming out of these upgrade releases and that is that JARDesign are intending to keep you on the ground as long as possible before letting you fly anywhere. Most of the items added are all features that getting ready for flight is
  8. Aircraft Review : Airbus A330-243 by JARDesign JARDesign is well known for their excellent (if slightly misnamed) A320neo as it should be the A320ceo (current engine option). When the aircraft was first released in December 2012 it created new ground in detailing and features that pushed X-Plane to the next level in flying immersion and systems, it was without doubt a new yardstick in design. At that time it was also slightly buggy, certainly in its flight modeling and profiles. But over the years the aircraft has become one of the very best in simulation and that has been mostly by the
  9. Sound Update : BSS v4 for JARDesign A320NEO Blue Sky Star Simulations have updated their excellent JARDesign A320NEO sound package to v4. More refinement and more sounds are now part of this sound experience, there is over 400mb of sound files in here now to create the most complete aircraft sound package in X-Plane. There are simply just too many sounds to cover here and both the CFM56-5B and IAE V2500 Engines are updated to the new v4 specification (note the CFM Installation sound pack is required for the IAE sounds). From start up to shut dow
  10. Details Revealed : Airbus A320neo 3.0 by JARDesign JARDesign's A320neo deep into its next upgrade testing stages and we can have a look at the new features coming with this release. The first big feature is that the A320neo is finally going NEO! The aircraft comes with a new engine option in the Pratt & Whitney 1100G Engines or New Engine Option (NEO). First look reveals a pair of really nice engines on the A320 airframe, a sure one to really love. The cockpit has had a lot of attention with new instrumen
  11. News! - Plugin Release : X-Life Traffic from JarDesign X-Life is a new plugin from JARDesign that is to cover your immediate X-Plane environment in ATC, Ground Traffic, Air Traffic and flightplan planning. The idea is in the areas around you as you move around from airport location to airport location in that they are filled out with animated ground traffic and airborne traffic and they with you all interact with a built in ATC system. Flightplanning is a big part of the system and that is required to be filled out before departure. ATC control has these built in fea
  12. Plugin Update : Ground Handling Deluxe by JARDesign JARDesign's Ground Handling Deluxe plugin was my "Plugin of the year" in 2015 and a worthy winner it was. Selections of criteria for yearly submissions is not if the aircraft or plugin is just good at the point of release but also it's future contribution to the overall X-Plane landscape. The Ground Handling Deluxe plugin is a clever idea of extending an aircraft features with ground support animated vehicles for any X-Plane aircraft. Obviously that has some great advantages because of the many great aircraft we fly like the
  13. JARDesign : Aircraft Update - Airbus A320neo v2 Route : EGSS (Standsted) to EIDW (Dublin) JARDesign has now released Version 2 of the Airbus A320neo, this update covers more new features and more even more depth to the systems. In that the update is mostly focused on giving more detail on the PFD (Primary Flight Display) and auxiliary instrument items like the ISIS ( integrated standby instrument system) and the DCDU (Data Communication Display Unit). Outwardly the A320neo v2 is unchanged, The modeling is excellent and the A320 is an excellent aircraft to enjoy. Detaili
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