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Found 1 result

  1. News! - Announcement : Aerobask Announce Falcon 8X Aerobask have announced their next project and it is the Dassault Aviation Falcon 8X and the design is in association with the manufacturer Dassault Aviation themselves in a collaboration and even under the supervision of the Dassault Aviation manufacturer themselves, with step-by-step validation of the aircraft and according to their specifications with provided real documentation of the aircraft from Dassault (The aircraft is officially licensed). This is an interesting project for more ways than one for X-Plane and to a point for Aerobask as well. A move to this scale of aircraft for Aerobask breaks their past composite specialisation of designs (although the Falcon would still have a lot of composite construction). It is also an aircraft of a far larger scale for Aerobask, but we all do not doubt they will deliver on the project... and that is what makes it all very exciting. X-plane is also in dire need of intercontinental private business aircraft as well. The success of Careando's epic Citation S550 shows that when Business jets are done very well they will be highly received by the users. But considering the zero range of intercontinental aircraft now available, it is surprising that X-Plane is so dire in this area, and an area of greater focus in the future. Early images show great quality, but the Falcon 8X will not be released to well into the last part of the 2019 year. Features noted.... Flight Model Precise flight model built and tweaked by Cameron Garner (X-Aerodynamics), complemented by custom-coded FBW and protections, all validated by certified Falcon 8X pilot and in compliance with expected performance. 3D Modeling Exact model based on original blueprints provided by Dassault Aviation, with high resolution PBR textures (Physically Based Rendering). Fully functional cockpit with smoothly animated buttons and switches. External animations include passenger and cargo doors, RAT (Ram Air Turbine) and GPU socket, in addition to all moving surfaces, and including wingflex. Cabin modeled according to Dassault Aviation standard configuration, with optional very high resolution model for static display purposes*. Official house livery from Dassault Aviation, with plans for some extra fictional liveries. Cockpit and Systems High resolution EASy III avionics (without options) with pop-up screens. Simulated PFDs and MFDs with reversion*, custom FMS, at or close to study-level simulation of electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and synoptics. Custom failures are planed for a post-release update. Sounds Precise sound modeling and effects by Daniela Rodríguez Careri, based on samples taken from real aircraft, courtesy Dassault Aviation. No doubt the Falcon 8X will be highly detailed and Aerobask are very well known for their exclusively detailed interiors, a custom FMS is also a nice addition than the usual filler X-Plane default FMS.... yes Aerobask/Dassault Falcon 8X will be well worth waiting for. Images and text are courtesy of Aerobask ________________________________________ News by Stephen Dutton 13th March 2019 Copyright©2019: X-Plane Reviews
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