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Found 8 results

  1. News! - Airbus A320-251N LEAP by Peters Aircraft Airbus's latest generation of A320 series aircraft is the NEO or "New Engine Option" of this one of the most popular modern aircraft ever built. There are two new engine options with the Pratt&Whitney PW1100G and CFM's Leap 1A, and both engines use the geared turbine (GTF) technology to get large bonuses in performance, range and of course the ever wanting better fuel consumption by their airline customers. But it hasn't been a smooth sailing ride for both of either the engine manufacturers in this highly specialised geared turbi
  2. News! - Aircraft Released! VFW 614 by Peters Aircraft Peter Hagar has done Airbus's for the last decade, and has now released a quite different type of aircraft in the: Vereinigte Flugtechnische Werke - Fokker VFW 614! The VFW-Fokker 614 (also VFW 614) was a twin-engined jetliner designed and was built in West Germany. It was produced in small numbers by VFW Fokker in the early- to mid-1970s. It was originally intended as a DC3 replacement. Its most distinctive feature was that its engines were mounted in pods on pylons above the win
  3. News! - New Liveries : Airbus A320-271N neo by Peter Hager Peter Hager from Peters Aircraft has added more liveries to his A320-271neo series. As more NEO (New Engine Option) aircraft join the world's fleets then more liveries are required for the newer bus. Peter Hager likes to match the engine version to the particular airline, so all the liveries presented here are for the Pratt & Whitney PurePower® Geared Turbine engines that are already in service or due for delivery this calendar year. The other neo engine option for the A320 of the CFM LEAP
  4. News! - Updated - Peters Aircraft Airbus A380 and A320 Series Peters Aircraft have issued updates to his A380 and full A320 Series (A319, A320, A320-NEO, A321) aircraft. Airbus A380 The A380 has at this point just had a lighting update to cover the new X-Plane v10.40 lighting feature that allows for the lighting to widen or compress depending on the angle that you look at it. Also the A380 COM1/2 frequency selection of digits are also fixed, and finally the new SASL-plugin does not crash anymore in El Capitan. More significantly noted is
  5. News! - Airbus A319 (Babybus) is released by Peters Aircraft Peter Hagar of Peters Aircraft has released the next aircraft in the A320/A319 series with the A319 Series. As usual with Peter's aircraft the aircraft comes in many different variants and packages. There are two packages in BASIC and EXTENDED. In the BASIC Package there is : A319-114 with CFM engines and WINGLETS with liveries: Lufthansa, LAN, Air Canada, AirFrance, Delta, US Airways, Finnair, Finnair (One World), Easyjet (New livery) Easyjet (Old livery), TAP, TAM, Swiss, Germania, Iberia (New livery), Iberia (Old livery), Alitali
  6. Peter Hager has released 3 new A380 Series versions besides his “British Airways” G-ALEA aircraft in July 2013. Unlike the usual situation where as you purchase an aircraft type and then you have a selection of liveries to chose from, Peter’s aircraft are a single model or version of a certain aircraft. The version is correct to type, rating and engines of that registration. Here are the four new versions: First is G-ALEA, which was the first of 12 aircraft to be delivered to British Airways on 4th July 2013. (LEA is under going route trials now between London Heathrow and Frankfurt).
  7. Freeware Releases Roundup September 2013 : Skyhawk A4 - Falcon7X - Airbus A380 In late August and September 2013 we had a really huge choice of quality “freeware” aircraft released. You could say be spoilt for choice in the range and high quality workmanship that became available on the .Org. Of the releases I have picked three of the best to have a fly around and comment on in the Skyhawk A4, Falcon 7X and Riviere’s Airbus A380. Douglas A-4 Skyhawk 1.7 This version was designed by Ben Harber, aka Mid7night and was for sale on the X-Plane .OrgShop site. But now the aircraft has b
  8. Aircraft Release : A321 with 3d Cockpit by Peter's Aircraft Peter Hager has released his Airbus A321 series of aircraft with a virtual cockpit (3d cockpit). There are two versions now available on the X-Plane.OrgStore : A321-211 CFM Engine version priced at US$54.90 - A321-231 IAE A321-231 IAE Engine version priced at US$54.90 - A321-211 CFM 3d Cockpit Both versions now have a fully functional Virtual Cockpit. The 3D design is by Roman Berezin of Flightfactor (as was the A380 design). But you have a different dimension in the way that Peter Hager programme's his
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