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  1. Flightfactor has updated the Boeing 777 series to, Note the extra .1 and not 1.5.1, although only a small change in the "corrected engine limits for auto throttle". It is however important to make sure you have the correct version. The B777 some had some niggles. Nothing that would really spoil the simulation, but niggles they were. My main niggle was the park brake staying on when you set the auto brake (that was fixed in update 1.5.0) and it drove me senseless in the fact I did a complete perfect flight to be then dragging my squealing bogies of tyres down the runway trying to free
  2. Airliner Update Review: Boeing 757 Professional "Extended" Series v1.2 by VMAX FlightFactor/VMAX have released and updated their Boeing 757 Professional Series to version 1.2. And with this update the Boeing 757 series changes into the same packaging as the FF/VMAX Boeing 777 Series in having the basic "Professional" pack of the B757-200 series, and the new "Extended" package of all three types packaged together which includes three aircraft in the -200, -200SF (cargo) which come with both engine choices of Rolls Royce Engines - RB211-535E4 or the Pratt and Whitney Engines - PW2037 and al
  3. Variant Release : Boeing 757-200SF - Freighter by Flightfactor/VMAX Flightfactor/VMAX has released another variant for their excellent Boeing 757-200 series aircraft. In March 2014 Flightfactor/VMAX released the Pratt & Whitney PW2037 variant besides the original Rolls Royce Engines - RB211-535E4 and in this release is the "Cargo" variant for both engine choices. To install this cargo extension version you must already have purchased the Boeing 757 Professional series. Installation : On a 72.2mb download you get an expansion "Cargo Pack". Inside the pack you have items tha
  4. Aircraft Announcement : Airbus A350 from FlightFactor/Vmax As everyone piled in their preferences for the next aircraft from the FlightFactor/Vmax universe, the focus was on all the Boeing's not yet available in X-Plane. But when the announcement came yesterday that the next project was to be the American Company's arch rival nemesis in the Airbus A350 and in that context well... that is a shock. That announcement came from the left corner with a smash to the jaw, so why not play it safe with the Boeing 787 series FlightFactor? Reel back a year and a few months and I was watching
  5. Flight Factor's upcoming Boeing 757 Series has had some more new special effects unveiled : Rain and active Window Shades. Rain isn't a new effect for X-Plane as it was introduced on Javier Rollon's CRJ-200, but it is in the application here that makes this effect outstanding. Roman Berezin has already experimented with this effect in his Boeing 777 Series. The rain is highly effective, And I can vouch for that, My approach to BIKF - in Keflavik, Iceland was from clear skies to poor light, low cloud and heavy rain, My work load was increased and the simulation was highly effective pe
  6. Ramzzess Aircraft and Phillipp Munzel have announced the imminent release of the Boeing 757-Series. Their Boeing 777-Series was the aircraft of the year in 2012/2013, So will the Boeing 757-Series be the same for 2013 and 2014? There is no doubt that the B757 is one of the most anticipated aircraft in X-Plane at the moment. If you already have the Boeing 777, then you would already know what to expect in detail and depth of systems... Officially licensed By the Boeing © Corporation Accurate dimensions based on 2D and 3D drawings supplied by Boeing © For X-Plane 10 64bit-
  7. Roman Bezezin from FlightFactor has posted an introduction video on The Boeing 757 Series, with the focus on the Menu system with a built in Checklist. As the release date draws closer, the aircraft is still in a beta test stage. But as Roman notes "The 757 is progressing very well". Developer Site : FlightFactor Facebook Stephen Dutton 7th October 2013 On a side Note : A happy addition to the Bezezin Family in baby Kyrill. congratulations to Roman and Mrs Bezezin.
  8. Roman Berezin is one part with Phillipp Munzel that make up Flightfactor, the Designer house that has developed for X-Plane the Boeing 777 Worldliner series and the soon to be released Boeing 757 series. Roman joins us today to give X-Plane Reviews some insights into Flightfactor and his life in X-Plane. Hi Roman... XPR: First off I will note that congratulations are in order as you have just become a doctorate (Dr) of Mathematics. What is your story behind that and how that affects your future and ambitions? Yes, a long and tedious period is over. Don’t get me wrong, I en
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