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  1. Thanks Stephen for this nice write up about complexity ... which is definitely one of the main aspects of our life these days (not only in flight simulation!). There is only one point I wanted to "correct", without being a nitpicker: Albert (Laubi) from Switzerland is "only" - at least until now - working on all the ground textures (and usually "only" in the natural, non-urban world). It is Alex (Gifford) who is responsible for all urban stuff (textures, and ina very large aprt all the 3D modelling / creation of the autogen world). And I am, Andras (Fabian), usually am working on the data structures, data processing, scenery generation etc. (think of it like the scaffolding that holds all the artwork in - the right - place ) .... ... hmm, I just realize, that it is indeed a bit irritating, that we all have names with A's to begin with (triple A).
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