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  1. Hi and thanks for this extensive review. Let me just say that I am neither a X-Plane or FJS fanboy, but I am a Q400 fanboy. I have been using the MJC Dash for around 15 years back to the FSX days. I understand that FJS made a mess of the lever in the Legacy version and never fixed it for some reason but what they have done here is not an improvement. After close to 15 years of flying the MJC, I have never encountered "reverse in flight". RW pilots have commented that there are measures to prevent this (AKA the horrible alarm that sounds in the Q400) when you try to pass flight idle in the air. MJC modelled this correctly and realistically. There were never any issues. What had been done here is neither realistic nor an improvement over the first version. Apparently there was no "fresh approach" for fixing the original problem and no attempt at following MJC's (and Dehavillands) lead on how to make this work the way its supposed to. Pushing buttons to go through imaginary gates is not acceptable.
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