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  1. Well, I was made reluctant by this from Almdudler wrote above (especially the undelined by me): last critic is the lack of performance variability on approach. i have flown this plane as a cockpit observer in the caribbean, and i can tell you: base-to-final approaches are aggressively banky and steepy due to the special terrian this plane operates. Short approaches are this plane's thing. But this virtual product does not include any of these parameters, it is not slowing down when it should, and it does not speed up when it should. Plz advise
  2. Hi Boby, I love the AC as well (on P3D which I abandoned), but am very reluctant to buy it for X-Plane. See above. Would please report your findings? Thanks Paul
  3. That is sad, because I found a lot of open - as far as I can see - issues on the supportforum, with no reaction of Mr. Wilson lately...
  4. Haha. Great. May I ask... how about fps in relation to plain xp11.3? grz. From cold and rainy NL...
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