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  1. I agree Your disagreement, Breadwild. CRJ200's Cockpit does look dated, really! There are Ages between her and FF, JAR or rotate interior. Nevertheless the Sounds of BSS are worth the Money, for A320, A330 and CRJ. Adding that good sounds lift the whole experience to another Level. And You dont have to be audiophil at all to enjoy it.
  2. Thank You Stephen for Your really good and detailled Review! I feel the Need of adding my personal opinion here - which is in the end nothing more or less than just that - my personal Point of view. Actually i do love small strips with lots of love for Detail. And Lufker could have gone perfect imho and was intend to reach exactly this Goal. But for me it missed it by 2 cons, which makes it less enjoyable for me personally: 1.: surrounding textures - they look Kind of washed out, even real Close to the Strip when You see them from very low altitude. That takes me out of that flying state of mind sometimes. 2.: the People - lets just call it matter of taste here - but i really do dislike These Robot-like animated persons. In my eyes they look terribly ugly! I would have preferred to see great detailed People Standing still instead of moving bots. The Point You mentioned - about the not Terrain following runways is a con for me too. In summary Lufker is ok instead of awesome. But it could get there. Maybe we see an update some day? Again - its just my very own opinion as a well spoiled customer and user of X-Plane 10.
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