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  1. Alright, Stephen. I've flown JAR A320 for years, and the A330. I've never flown ToLiSS aircraft. Which should I pick up? I'm in a tough spot, because I know the weirdo bugs and "features" that come with a JAR Airbus, and I know how to fly it quite well, but I am tempted by the ToLiSS, and it's supposedly better flight model and systems. I do NOT have any of the JAR addons to go with it. What would YOU do in my position? I want to fly a long haul Airbus, and I'd like it to have good frame rates, be pretty as hell, and be fun to fly with the AP off from time to time. JAR? ToLiSS? X350 as a dark horse candidate? Help me, Stephen!
  2. You didn’t really discuss the Freedom Fox livery, but N318JJ is a real airplane, flown by Trent Palmer. Pretty popular YouTube channel, with lots of really interesting, inspiring content.
  3. I know they are different things, but if I am coming from the Jar A320, and want a new 'Bus, which would you suggest I grab first? I fly for United Virtual, and both planes are well represented in their fleet, so it's a toss up. The TolISS is less expensive, but if I don't (really) care about the cabin and other niceties, should I pay more for the FF? Man, both came out at exactly the wrong time, finances wise!
  4. You mentioned frame rates, and have said before you only do that if they are abnormally bad. Just how bad are we talking?
  5. It is actually on the map as one of their class D covered airports, so yes! I am stoked! I will have a customizable home airport with real life ATC! Looking forward to it!
  6. Real pilots have to type in a route, and so on. Could you be more specific about what it is you think is wrong?
  7. I don't know why I am so excited for this feature, but I am. Very cool, Jar team!
  8. I've always thought the sounds were a bit bland in an otherwise excellent airliner. I'll have to pick this up!
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