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  1. I have not seen any rain effects with this aircraft. I also checked the forums and X-Plane store description which neither reveal that this aircraft is equipped with such a feature. I've also check settings, in the AC and I do not see any options to turn it on or off. Do you know of a way to add the rain effects? By the way, very well done review. Thank you for the time spent on that. Very informative for us all. Dave.
  2. I'm guessing the price tag will be more inline with the likes of HotStart. Their TBM is $65.00. So i figure this aircraft will be arount $70.00. As long as it has simular systems depth and a nice flight model i can accept up to 70. Heck look at what Justflight put out with their 146 with a stock L&R FMC junk. They be charging over $80 bucks for that bird. Not knocking it though. Other than the fmc totally worth it. This still a cheaper hobby than boating or motorcycling LOL. Dave.
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