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  1. This software no longer runs on Mac since the update to iOS 11.4. The clickable features have been disabled, including grabbing and putting the magneto key into the keyhole.
  2. I am a PA28-140 owner and pilot, and I used to enjoy simulation flying the "classic" version a lot. Then came updates, followed by the Apple Stasi. The last working version I had added a male pilot, whose body you had to occupy or push through like some human-possessing demon. There was also a female in the right seat that blocks the views from that side. It never performed as well as the original software. The final insult came when Apple "upgraded" to Mac OS 11.4 that forbids use of the software because their secret police haven't checked it for viruses or malware, so you only get the option of closing XPlane or dumping your software into the trash. So now it won't run on Mac anymore. When will a functioning version of this software be available?
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