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  1. Brussels V2, orthographic textures, need to be colour corrected and should have been, it is not difficult to do. There are approximately 35 titles to correct which I did in photoshop. About 4 layers which include, colour balance (shift away from red), desaturate (about 20), slight increase in exposure.  The only thing they did from  version 1 was to increase exposure which was severely underexposed by about 1 stop and that's all.

  2. The main issue with this scenery are the ground polygons for the taxi ways and tarmac areas. If you look at the freeware version as mentioned in the comment above, there is no comparison, the free ware version is several cuts above in realism, accuracy, and quality in the ground polygons. In fact, this payware version is inaccurate near the runways as additional polygons are needed as shown in the free ware. This is also verified in google earth. This could be due to it was not X plane 11 scenery to begin with but converted scenery (P3D). However everything else is extremely well done. I would have liked to seen normal textures as part of the semi-transparent glass to give a more real effect with but that's okay. Hopefully soon, there will be an update to address this major weakness and issues to make it more worthy of payware.
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