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  1. Nice article, I do agree I'm waiting for Laminar Research announcements regarding the future of X-Plane but they have their own time bubble relative to ours I also think I'm one of those the focus more on the plane aspect than the visuals, this is why my scenery basket is light. I'll continue refreshing LR developer blog in the hope to see something new, but I guess the quite means they are working hard on the future of their product. Cheers
  2. @canuk_22 Wow, that is harsh, I think the youtubers made us expect for one thing and the delivery was, for some of us, other thing. My thoughts are almost align with yours except that I expected to an advance beta or release candidate simulator, just like XP11 when it first came out, unfortunately I did not waited for the first patches before investing in it, but my 1$ that I paid was not for nothing, like you I think the MSFS is beautiful, but it has its drawbacks since it is not mature enough, let's meet here in 1 year or so and have a second look at it. In the meantime, I doing
  3. Hi Stephen, Loved this review, I think you sum-up everything that needs to take into account when buying your next simulation, I also think you were spot on when you described the current feeling is MSFS as hollow, it is a shiny but hollow experience and I also agree that not for long. Like you I think that MSFS is still in release candidate stage and like the release date of XP11 it will take few months until it will be stabilized and then some more to be mature. The order of new features I would like X-Plane to introduce in X-Plane 12 are (my opinion): Weather -
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