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  1. Stephen my man, love your work and the exceptional dedication to keeping us diehard Xplane fans up to-date with everything Xplane! Xplanereviews is a passion expressed so well, keep up the good work but…

    …got to pull you up on the grammar or likely autocorrection, particularly this review. This was painful to read with many sentences not making sense.


    Is someone proofreading whilst getting a taxi clearance from KSFO?😁.


    Just wanted to bring it your attention as it is clear that great time and effort time is put into these reviews just a pity they can be dotted with grammar errors/typos.


    Xplane fan🛫



  2. Good job on your review, thank you. I do feel the review was a little ‘too generous’ of the 777 and maybe not as critical of the not so good points ie: systems, handling. I have read other comments and seen YouTube reviews that do not recommend the FF777 as it is too dated. I have been considering buying the 777 to avail of more cargo routes but I am sceptical about its recency of updates to fly well with Vulkan?

    what version did you review?

    How does it stack up against the FF767-300? This AC i have and I am happy with it especially as the freighter version, and this is my minimum benchmark I would fly with in terms of system’s functionality.

    Are you aware of any FF plans to update the 777??
    Anyway just my thoughts, keep up the great reviews.🛫

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