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  1. >> "I just changed to a larger M.2 and had to reset all the authorisations" If you do this often enough with some Aerobask aircraft you will run out of activations and have to contact them for a reset. I bought Aerobask planes in the past and I do not like this type of activation. (There are other types of activation that do work differently which are acceptable to me.) I do not like to find out after buying, if a an aircraft uses an activation. Instead I want to make informed purchases. The POINT of a review is to learn about the product before purchasing.
  2. >>"I find the choice of an aircraft by having and not having authorisation a bit of a weird one to be honest? I often change the hardware of my computer or try out different keyboards, joysticks... Anyways THE POINT IS is when you are writing a review YOU KNOW IF the aircraft needs an activation, so why not mention it in your reviews?
  3. I feel very well informed after reading your reviews. However one question is often still unclear, that is if an aircraft/helicopter requires an activation. There are many aircraft that require an activation and lots of aircraft that do not rquire an activation. Unfortunately it is often difficult to find that information before purchase so it would be very helpful if you could add it to your future reviews.
  4. Hi Stephen, I really enjoy reading your reviews of X-Plane aircraft. Thank you. Many aircraft in X-Plane 11 require activation and many do not. Could you indicate in your reviews if a an aircraft requires an activation?
  5. Hi Stephen, since you mentioned the lack of work of LR on default scenery, I would like to let you know that in a recent interview Austin Meyer stated that he has people working on new scenery. I think you are right that both the new MSFS and XP11 have their strengths. By the way I know you sometimes did review a glider. Do you know Condor 2 ? It is a pure glider simulator that simulates Cumulus cloud based upon terrain. Greetings from Germany Chris
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