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  1. Stephen, I have it trimmed out for level flight. The autopilot does it nicely. You can watch it turn the trim wheel. If I then turn the AP off, and if I hold the heading steady, she holds altitude perfectly. (The autopilot is a nice one - it moves the elevator trim to neutralize force on the elevator - you can actually watch the trim wheel turn as it does this. The trim wheel doesn't move when the autopilot is disengaged. There are some autopilots that require manual trimming to relieve the force on the elevator and will complain and even disconnect if the pitch forces are too great. But this one is more capable). So all is just dandy - perfectly trimmed and holding altitude with no pitch axis pressure on the yoke, with the gear up and the autopilot off. When I lower the gear she sinks like a stone.
  2. Hi Stephen, You're right - misread the latest version number - it is version 1.1. And you're correct - the one I have dates from 2016 - so definitely prior to XP11. I do understand that to get the latest release, I need to upgrade to the F33A XP11 version 1.1 (strange that the version numbers aren't kept sequential) and that it will mean repurchasing. I'm hesitant to repurchase if the problem I'm seeing exists with the new version. For the avoidance of doubt, I'd be very grateful if you would try the following experiment with the XP11 version 1.1 of the F33A: Set the autopilot for 4000 ft, level, MP 15", 2500 RPM, 120 knots more or less, gear and flaps up - hands off the yoke. Turn the autopilot OFF - hold the heading manually. Lower the gear - don't move the yoke in the pitch axis - leave it in neutral position. What descent rate do you see? Thanks, Eric
  3. I've just started using X-plane again after a few years. I'm using X-plane 11. I also downloaded the Carenado F33A version 3.2, since I had bought that aircraft from Carenado some time back. I've noticed that the simulated aircraft is not behaving properly when the gear are lowered. In the real airplane, at approach speed - say 120 knots, 2500 RPM, 15" manifold pressure, level flight - lowering the gear will result in a descent rate of about 600 ft per minute. This is just about perfect for a 3 degree glide slope. In the simulation the descent rate exceeds 2000 fpm. I did try this experiment with the stock Baron that comes with X-plane 11. It does seem to do the right thing. Three questions: a) Has anyone else seen this behavior with version 3.2? b) Has anyone looked at the behavior with version 11 (the latest)? c) Any other ideas about what might be the problem? I'm happy to upgrade to version 11 if it solves the problem - just don't want to upgrade and have the same issue.
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