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  1. Pros: Interiors and lighting are beautiful Sounds are also good Cons: No SID/STAR selection, which I believe is a missing essential. There are workarounds with simple FMC plugin or a script. But all these require an updated nav data from Aerosoft or Navigraph, which I purchased. But these are still not a great solutions to have a fully reliable configured flight plan. Also you can just generate your own .fms flightplan, which I haven't tried and not willing to. Lots of other features still missing, like ATC comm, which is supposedly very useful for getting an airport ATIS from far away. Some few bugs I encountered, where I can't use reverse thrusts. Summary: I was amazed when seeing the images and video provided here. But the missing features, especially SID/STAR selection made me feel I was robbed for a $50 paid aircraft. Perhaps a smaller price to cope for all the missing essential features would be good. I'll probably research for other good workarounds, but I feel like a paying customer shouldn't really be wasting time for workarounds to the missing features I wish I reviewed the full details before buying this. I'll be very careful from now on when buying other aircraft from Flight factor.
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