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  1. Is this good? I am interested because my favorite airlines operate A330-300 but jar is A330-200.

    i have jar but interestedly in this.

    On 1/3/2017 at 3:38 PM, Guest puppi said:

    but have or not have pilots inside the cockpit and the doors are painted? if this questions agree, what big trash

    Those are barely needed. Even ff a320 don’t have pilots models.

    and I heard IXEG733 doesn’t have doors.

  2. On 2/23/2018 at 10:33 AM, Stephen said:

    Bit of a headscratcher is this one... I saw the comments on users saying they have appalling framerates, but I never had that? It is heavy on framerate, but really only the same as the usual comparative to say the FF B757/B767, and I have had a few hours on it now. I run xEnviro and WT3 alongside, but a reason might be in the texture settings... I only use "High" and not maximum and my objects down a click, you really lose nothing visually but gain in framerates, X-Plane weather is another factor.


    To prove my point here are three screenshots...


    The first is Aerosoft's EDDF with WT3 and Xenviro running and setting up the A320U...  I get 26frames (box in corner enlarged) ? EDDF is pretty heavy and complex scenery


    A320_Framerate 1.jpg


    Second is on approach to ENGM Oslo, again Aerosoft scenery but with some pretty heavy weather around me, I get 28 frames....


    A320_Framerate 2.jpg


    At altitude (say FL340) with no scenery it is around 32-35 frames to a top of 40 frames...  the numbers don't lie.


    A320_Framerate 3.jpg


    So are the users being too greedy in what they want? I think so, I never found the aircraft in a marginal framerate position, so nothing worse or nothing better than the rest with the same complexity...  SD



    Hey Stephen, How does the framerate on the 320 compare to 757 with same settings, weather, scenery and location? Thanks.

  3. 14 hours ago, Stephen said:


    There is more value with the "Extended" pack as you have not only the two extra variants, but the PW/RR engines as well. The Avionics pack is just the FPDS avionics.

    Alright, I got the 757 modern avionics, did a flight with it, and I’m quite happy. Now should I get the 767 extended (nearly identical), or toliss 319 (I have a really good freeware a321 already)? I do like the 757/767 in real life, but a change would be nice. 


  4. 2 hours ago, Stephen said:


    There is more value with the "Extended" pack as you have not only the two extra variants, but the PW/RR engines as well. The Avionics pack is just the FPDS avionics.


    i think I’ll go with the extended pack on one of the 757/767, and the FPDS on the other.

    the FPDS might be helpful to me because I really despise the tony readings and displays on he regular version, as well as the fact that the altitude is on a steam gauge by itself.

  5. On 5/5/2020 at 9:40 AM, BernardoCasa said:

    Probably you won't have any problem with the 777-300er. If you can run the 767, the A350 shouldn't be a problem. Note that the 767 minimuns are 3GB Vram, and the A350 only 2GB, this way the A350 should work just fine.

    Thanks, just sometimes the required specs are misleading... toliss needs 4GB VRAM they say... works perfectly fine on a rusty iMac. FF320 needs 2GB VRAM? I doubt it would even give me 3FPS on my old machine...

    thanks anyway!

  6. 7 hours ago, BernardoCasa said:

    Hi, most of time the the 777 has a higher frame rate. Actually, frame rate won't be a big problem with both aircraft if you have a good PC, but the 777 is a little more FPS friendly then the A350, especially in the cockpit.

    Thanks, I have a really old iMac, only 2GB of VRAM... Can run the 777 and JAR330 quite well, along would ff767. I’ll get 777 extended then think about the 350.

  7. hello, i am looking for an A320 family aircraft for KA (cathay dragon) routes, because I'm obsessed with cathay and their secondary airline.

    The. JAR a320 has too shallow systems. The FF A320 is too frame heavy and too pricey for. me. So my choices are the Toliss Planes.

    KA operates the 320 and 321, but I found fictional liveries for the 319, so either would be fine.


    So which one is a better buy in general? Does one have any extra features over the other one?


  8. hello, great review! i like doing cathay pacific flights, so naturally, i would need the planes that cathay uses. i have the jetsim a330 and ssg 747-8f (freeware).

    cathay also operates the 777 and a350. I am looking between the two, and wondering which I should get first – the a350 (with the april MCDU update) or the 777 extended.

    Which one is recommended more? the 777 extended or the a350+april updae?


    btw how do the fps compare on these 2? thanks!

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