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  1. Hello! Thx for your review! I bought this plane yesterday. Only want to say, it now actually HAS an ILS glidescope needle not only on VOR 1 but on both VOR Gauges (see attached pic). Maybe you can add this info.
  2. Hello! Congrats on your 1st anniversary! I'm new, not only to X-Plane Reviews but also to X-Plane itself. Last Flight Simulator there before was FSX, but I never was really serious (only some VFR Sight Seeings, mostly flying aimless through the world). X-Plane Reviews was for a Beginner like me actually an invaluable aid, deciding for my first payware aircraft. Although I decided at the end for another first aircraft, my favourite plane is actually the "". I loved it from the first glance and my mainsource for information was aside the Planemakers Website your review. After reading your review I decided that I definitely need this, but also, that I maybe should have a bit more flying experience, before I try to fly the Albatross. Together with the fact, that there isn't much more to find about the Albatross on the net while Carenado is a well known brand, I preferred the Carenado King Air B200 on my first purchase, but the Albatross is on top of my List and is for certain my next Plane after that. - Arestris
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