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  1. Hi Stephen, If you are there I'm in the 787 cockpit about to do a flight, just need help with 2 things......How do I adjust the trim, it's on 0.0, I need to put at 3.5, the ND NU Has a green square do I need to move the arrow up to the green square and if yes How do I move the Arrow?, Second thing I have noticed in alot of tutorials people have the MFD L light on is it needed and how do I turn them on? Thanks mate
  2. Yep I have it, I clicked on the update/repair button but it said I couldn't update while the plane was active, when I closed the plane it closed the updater so how do i update from the updater if it won't let me when I have the plane open ?
  3. Thanks mate I did press the CALC button but it still comes up empty, Do you have a link to the update for the 787 - 900 I can't see it on X-Plane.org, Sorry mate I won't bug you too much more just trying to get things sorted and there seems to be no way to contact X-Plane to get the update for $10
  4. Awesome I'll hold out till it arrives, and how do I fix not getting the Vspeeds or the trim?
  5. Just two quick questions if I may? I have watched 3 - 4 videos on using the EFB and have noticed they have different features where when I go in to do the fuel it only has 2 input boxes but I have seen on a few videos people can put fuel in the center tank, but I don't have that button? Also everytime I fill in the information on weather and so then I click the CALC Button it never gives me the trim or any of the vspeeds
  6. Thank Stephen, no problem I have no issues with the cost, I only purchased the plane last night, I'm happy to support developers when progress is made, also as I work for Qantas it would be great to see some livery added for the 787
  7. Hello, I have opened the 787 after it loaded I now have SkunkCrafts Updater saying a update v1.3.10 is available how and where do I go to get the update I'm happy to pay the $10 but when I go to the orgstore it is saying $44 I live in Australia and this cost me $60 AUD I'm not paying another $60
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