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  1. To all those who entered this contest, good luck! What is your favorite aircraft to add-on we reviewed in the past twelve months? I never created an account here before but I always read the reviews. The review I chose was for my favorite aircraft: The 777 Worldliner. There are multiple reviews and previews here, but I enjoyed reading all of them. Why? Reading a review is like getting your questions answered by a friend. The review for this aircraft addresses [like every other review] not only the looks, the interior, and the exterior of the aircraft, but the function as well. The FMS, the features, ground services, and especially the experience flying it. When I read a review I don't want it to advertise the product too much, which is precisely what happens most of time, but I want to know how it handles, the features, the system, I want to learn the experience of someone who has flown it, who can honestly tell me whether or not I should purchase this, or download this. That is exactly what I get from X-Plane Reviews. Reliability. Flying the Boeing 777 Worldliner, my favorite aircraft in the real world and X-Plane. Congratulations on a successful first year!
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