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  1. Congrats X-plane reviews on your 1st anniversary! Without a doubt, my favourite aircraft would be the 777. Any one of the four, depending on the mood I'm in. The attention to detail is phenomenal!! Sometimes I enjoy taking a little in-flight peak at the outside of the plane, so graphics are very important as far as I am concerned. If youre a bit like me, you shall be thoroughly satisfied. it is such a beautiful plane! As I mentioned above, very detailed. so prepare to be confused by the FMC. But with a little bit of research, and a lot of trial and error, youll be flying the bird in no time. It's actually the plane i fly 90% of the time, so many other planes are restricted by their 2D cockpits and it just feels so good to do things properly. In a nutshell, its an awesome plane, worth the money
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