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  1. JARDesigns A320neo with ČSA livery over Austria 3 hours of work with vector graphics in school, even school can be sometimes fun My favourite add-on aircraft is JARDs A320neo (new engine option). A320 is my favourite aircraft and i love everything about it it is simply like small baby. But too small to fly over oceans. On JARDs A320 you can change sharklets and wingtips and you can change first officers voice. Also JARDs support is amazing. Next great thing is first officer saying thinks like V1, rotate, gear up, reverse green, etc. JARDs A320 also features dubbed checklists. Only downside is price because I'am poor because I'am only 15 years old. That is also reason why i havent bought B777, E-170 and CRJ-200. If i won something and if there was a choice i would go for 777. Sorry for terrible English, thank you for bringing to live site with XPLANE10 reviews and HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM CZECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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