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  1. My favorite aircraft reviewed on this site is the Boeing 732 Twinjet by FlyJSim. The attention to detail that the developers have is astonishing. From the animated exterior lights and flaps to the instrument panel and furniture of the cockpit inside, this product is the closest thing to the real aircraft that you can find. Appart from the eye-candy, the flying experience is great too. The aircraft's response to commands, and the way it executes the commands in different environmental conditions, make it stand out from other aircraft in the simulator. The only defects I can see with the aircraft are temporary, educational defects that become obsolete with more practice. The first issue is the difference in cockpit from the glass cockpits of today, and the second is learning the limits of the 732. Once you have practiced enough, though, the old cockpit becomes the preferable option and over-stressing the aircraft isn't a problem anymore. Everything about this aircraft is fascinating and pleasing. I can say that it is the most satisfying aircraft I have flown in X-Plane. If it weren't for the review on this website, I would have never purchased it. Thank you all, and may you have many years more contributing to this fantastic software. transaer1
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