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  1. just did that. can't believe I missed that easy way to change views. lol. and about the aircraft, I deleted it, and reinstall it using the default copier of windows instead of a third part app like I used to. Everything is working great now. Thank you very much stephen.
  2. Thank you for your reply stephen. I am not in VR and I'm using a single large screen ( via HDMI). I will try to delete the plane and download it again. if it does not work, then I will set up views the way you suggest me....and yes such a nice aircraft, definitely going to be my favorite
  3. Hello dear Xplaners. I purchased this beautiful plane yesterday. everything seems to be working perfectly but the VIEWS/VOLUME popup. for example When I click on PILOT VIEW it shows the throttle...when I click THROTTLE it shows te fuel gages...and the exterior cams (wings and tail cam) shows internal Items instead. Anyone know about this issue and how to fix it? Regards.
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