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  1. Happy birthday X-plane reviews ! My favourite review you have ever done is the VMAX 777. That review is the best! The detail of it is incredible just like the time you put into studying and learning the aircraft to make the review. You outlined all of the aircraft's features, and all of it's capabilities and made me switch my favourite aircraft from the JARDesign a320neo to the 777. It has all the real 777's features and all of it's flight characteristics (at least from what I've seen on Youtube) you really nailed that one . Although I was an Airbus fan, the extreme detail of your review has won me over and I really want to spend time and experiencing for myself this great bird. I decided to enter this competition in the hope that I could possibly win the 777 and start making my wish of becoming a real 777 pilot a reality. I am a junior with plans to become a pilot in a few years time. Again, happy birthday and good work guys. Keep it up and take care.
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