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  1. Yeah I have uploaded that improvement.... Will Install and note that.
  2. So how many days till Christmas 2013... And how much money can you save up till then? I don't drool much, but this Simulator Add-On is in the "What can I sell to get it category"... It is the GoFlight GF-Pro Yoke System. It is an exact replica of a Boeing 737 Yoke. Each yoke handle has five programmable buttons; Trim, View Selection, A/T Disengage, and two Voice Call buttons. Also included is a Hat Switch and Thumb Joystick for controlling your mouse. And yes it works with X-Plane (I understand the programmable buttons work but I am not sure about everything else).
  3. Review : Diamond DA-42 Twinstar by Harranssor Any developer that has wishes to sell their work and move into the upper regions of creating payware will know that the gap to that level is wide. A few years ago you could create something good and put it on the selling block and receive a few repayments for all your hard work. But the game has shifted considerably today as simulation as a whole is now turning out very high quality products and the market place is getting very competive for your savings in your hard earned paypal accounts. Choice is becoming wide and what was once a p
  4. You remember the bad old days don't you... If you had taken a course in CAD/CAM and could think in a world of one dimensions you could create basic airport layouts in WED (World EDitor). Frustrating but only really for the use of the intelligent few with doctorates. I did a few airports back then but I mostly used WED to take out nasties!... like a church sitting in the middle of a runway or worse a default rotating beacon that loomed out of nowhere on a dense foggy runway. WED 1.2 is still in a one dimension form, but otherwise from that it is a completely transformed application. Over
  5. Scenery Review : Golden Gate, KSFO and South Bay by Tom Curtis Tom Curtis's Golden Gate package of which includes KSFO (San Francisco International and Oakland International) now has two extra expansion packages of "South Bay" and "San Carlos" also added into the whole bay area package. First note is that this is a huge scenery. It now has eight airports listed in all: KSFO - San Francisco International airport and gateway to the Pacific Rim KOAK - Metropolitan Oakland International Airport KSJC - Mineta San Jose International Airport KHWD - Hayward Executive Airport KPAO - Palo Alto Airp
  6. Yes the A320neo is very good now... I'll check that loss of altitude as well...
  7. Carenado : Cessna C337 Skymaster v2.0 HD Series Carenado has announced the update of the C337 Skymaster HD series to version 2.0, including an update to the SASL plugin system to v2.0.1. The Skymaster is now full v10.20 - 64bit compatibility. and it is also compatible in Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems for v9.70 and v10-32bit. One of the most iconic aircraft ever built, the Cessna C337 is a tractor - pusher aircraft that sounds like no other aircraft. v2 Updates include a lighting system overhaul, improved ground handling and better memory and texture resolution a
  8. Conex of Dreamfoil Creations has noted his next project will be the Piper J-3 Cub (Originally called the Taylor E-2 Cub) that was released in the 1930's as a flight training aircraft but went on and became one of the most popular and best-known light aircraft of all time. Early tailwheel work is showing excellent detailing. Only a few snap shots at this point of the project. But the quality is already showing. The instrument and panel quality is outstanding... Dreamfoil is well known for his great sound engines, so no doubt it will sound really great. J-3 Cub
  9. There has been a lot of talk around the Garmin G1000 integration into X-Plane cockpits lately and the availability now of a Plane-Maker add-on is interesting. adventurer854 has created a Garmin G1000 twin screen set that can be added to your aircraft via Plane-maker. It is the basic set of components that adds the G1000 functionality to any aircraft that can accept the G1000 layout (From General Aviation to Light Jets). To see how it all works in practical terms you can download alexander316's version of where he has Integrated the G1000 screens into the default X-
  10. Till the end of the the month Ramzzess has bundled together three of his excellent Russian Aircraft into a "Russian SuperPack". A saving of 60% off! The three aircraft in the "SuperPack" are: Sukhoi Superjet SSJ-100 The SU100 is a modern Fly-By-Wire aircraft that uses the same avionics as the Airbus A320. The SSJ comes with a full Fly-by-Wire system and modern virtual cockpit. X-Plane 10.20 (or higher - 64 bit compatible) (not compatible with X-Plane 9) Tupolev TU-444 The Tu-444 is a concept Supersonic Business Jet from Tupolev. It will be the fastest
  11. Carenado update & Mini Review : Beechcraft B58 Baron v2.0 HD Series Carenado have updated the B58 Baron to version 2.0. This twin engined General Aviation aircraft is one aircraft I found to be very smooth and powerful to fly. It was also the first of the HD Series with the higher quality textures and overall better quality. There is a significant thing to note in this release. Carenado have done an adjustment in the ability to control the amount of torque the engines produce. This especially affects planes such as the Baron, which don't have counter-rotating propellers. T
  12. Thanks Papamac... Will check out the HangarOps!... I had it installed but it was the old version.
  13. Ben Supnik has posted on X-Plane's Developers blog that "he is not dead but on Vacation"... Vacations are interesting things to do as they take your mind away from the day to day living and focus on you that you finally have a bit of space in your life... Interestingly for me they allow you to focus on the "bigger" picture on the fact that your are on the outside looking in, and not in the middle of the usual daily grind. Surprisingly I get more work done on holiday that I do everyday. as your mind is freer to look at things in this different outside perspective, I usually turn into a i
  14. 2017!... that is 4 years away?... A lifetime in computer speak.... you can't go on the changes of the last beta (64bit) because they were highly relevant to add-ons and that phase is now finished, any changes now on will be smaller and usually in the developers favor. Usually if a big "thing" does come in there is always a host of threads on the subject... At the worst Ben Supnik will always help you out or pass you on to someone that can fix the issue... X-Plane devs are very good at sharing the help if you ask them nicely. X-Plane is not a glacial simulator, some people will say it i
  15. Time flies Time flies in X-Plane land, I doubt X-Plane 11 will be coming along soon but the Laminar team have to start sometime... my crystal ball says 2015 and not 2016.
  16. Review : STMA - Sherpa K650T Turbine Bush Plane Shade Tree Micro Aviation specialise in these bush utility type of aircraft and their latest release is the Sherpa K650T. The Sherpa 1415B from Sherpa Aircraft first appeared in 1994 at the EAA Oshkosh event and with the high reaction to the versatile design and orders for the aircraft built by Byron Root and Glen Gordon, It was soon put into production. It was noted at the time as "A Super Cub on steriods". And the nickname remains in effect to this date. At the 2008 EAA Oshkosh flyin Sherpa Aircraft then released another more pow
  17. John Spahn from Maxx-XP has announced the SkyMaxx Pro of which is a new cloud engine for X-Plane10. The SkyMaxx pro is not an add-on that just over-rides the default X-Plane10 weather, but it is integrated into the actual weather component that you use everyday now including METAR settings. Also you will be able to use the system's own custom settings. The system allows for clouds to move and rise with the noted wind speed and temperatures and the dreaded grey blackout is also banished. Crepuscular Rays will also shine out behind from behind clouds and move with your point
  18. Uwespeed is putting some finishing touches to his coming freeware scenery Santorini X-Plane. If you don't know Santorini then you are missing out on something really spectacular as Santorini is one of the great (If not the greatest) Greek Island destinations in the world. The scenery is highly detailed... But I won't bore you with pictures first as there are two really good YouTube videos that show you the whole island in a better light. Got your attention.... Here is more and watch out for the animated cable cars. The airport will be highly detailed as well, as Uwes
  19. Back in June 2013, The Supercritical Simulations Group uploaded the 747-8 Series 2.0 version. This was a freeware aircraft and is well worthy of a download into your "Heavy Aircraft" folder. The quality of this aircraft is excellent, but only has the standard (although very well updated) cockpit. It was also SSG then noted is that from that point on the updates would only be payware only. My first initial reaction would be that the team would complete the 3d cockpit, add in a host of new systems and do a few nips and tucks here and there before putting the aircraft up on the sales shelves
  20. Carenado have updated the Carenado CT210M Centurion II to Version 2.0. The CT210M was released in early April 2013 (March 28th), which is only a few months back. But the timing was not the best as the aircraft found itself between the changes of the X-Plane 10.20 plugin updates. Of all the releases from Carenado the Centurion caught the worse of changes and was prone to crash. (usually as it ran out of memory when loading heavy scenery). I must stress the point that the issue is not Carenado's fault in any possible way, It was just all in the timing. To my own frustration the aircr
  21. Flight Factor's upcoming Boeing 757 Series has had some more new special effects unveiled : Rain and active Window Shades. Rain isn't a new effect for X-Plane as it was introduced on Javier Rollon's CRJ-200, but it is in the application here that makes this effect outstanding. Roman Berezin has already experimented with this effect in his Boeing 777 Series. The rain is highly effective, And I can vouch for that, My approach to BIKF - in Keflavik, Iceland was from clear skies to poor light, low cloud and heavy rain, My work load was increased and the simulation was highly effective pe
  22. Dreamfoil Creations and Nemeth Designs Ecureuil AS350 B3+ There has been a Service Pack (1) released for the AS359 B3+. Mostly the pack contains fine tuning and performance updates with other items including the crew now adding weight and the Co-Pilot will disappear if you view from his seat. There are few changes are for the joystick with the reverse axis (you don't do this?... you should) and joystick functions and I agree it feels far better with movements under my Saitek x52pro setup. A full list of the changelog is at the end of this Mini Review: The
  23. Beta 10.22 Beta 10.22 is final.. Finally and now that is all done then quickly all speculation will start on the next beta... 10.30. In fact the speculation on b10.30 started a long time before beta 10.22 was even close to final. Because the few b10.20's dragged on and on. At the start of the 64bit change over it looked like it would be over in a matter of weeks, but instead the small gremlins got a hold and kept everyone scratching their heads for months. In the deepest part of it all was that it went to the very heart of everything that was not on the simulator itself, but what cont
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