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  1. You understood everything ! You probably are a diviner 😉 WebFMC v1.8.0 is now working perfectly with my Q4XP Thanks a lot Robder
  2. Great job ! An enormous thank you for your explanations about the installation... not very easy. I allready had the Matterhorn scenery and installing both of them is not really simple. You gave us a patch to correct a problem of empty scenery in Interlaken and Sion valleys. It works perfectly... but the Aosta valley (south of Matterhorn scenery) is allways completely empty : no houses, no roads, no life. Even the airport has dissapeared an I had to reinstall it manualy but it is lost in this completely empty valley Yet this valley was perfect when I only had the Matterhorn scenery. Do you know if another patch is existing to solve this problem for the Aosta valley ? Thanks for answering !
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