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  1. X-Plane Reviews, Congratulations on your one year anniversary. Though I am very new to this website, I have read a couple of your reviews, and I am impressed with their accuracy and exhaustive description of every detail. This attention to detail is most evident in your review of the freeware A-4 Sky Hawk by Midnight7. Personally, I think this is one of your most brilliant reviews because of its accurate description of the airplane's agile flight characteristics, and because of the amount of time you spent talking about the real aircraft's historical significance. You describe the airplane as being so sensitive and agile that you could fly it with your "finger and thumb on the stick." This nails the sensation you get while flying this plane. Also, I appreciate that you gave us so much background information about the real airplane: its historic significance and role in naval aviation. As an aspiring naval aviator, I love to find out as much as possible about a naval aircraft's history before I fly it in the sim. As an X-Plane enthusiast, I appreciate the time you spent reviewing this freeware aircraft. I am grateful of the detail included in your description of one of my favorite airplanes available for the sim, and I look forward to reading more of your pay ware and freeware reviews. When I read a X-Plane Reviews review, I know exactly what I am buying before I make my purchase. Sincerely, Swimmer Pilot
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