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  1. 17 hours ago, Stephen said:

    The top FMS is quite hard to program as you have to create the three separate segments and (SID-Route-STAR) build them together.... as you are new then we will use the default rear FMS. I use SimBrief to create routes and then download the flightplan to your X-Plane route (FMS Plans) folder. Load the flightplan into the lower FMS...  it is important to activate the route, but to do that you will need to add in the depart RWY DEP/ARR button and select the RWY and SID (noted in the SimBrief) then press the "blue" lit EXEC button to execute (same for the ARR). Now you route should be in and ready...  after takeoff select AP, then make sure the FMS selection is showing in the PFD (left arrow) and then press the NAV (right top arrow) button to activate the Flightplan...  and the aircraft should follow the route. (note to select LOC 1 for landing (ILS)) 😃



    Thank you! It really helped. The only problem is that I can’t get the autopilot to follow my altitud. I’ve loaded an speed and an altitud in the fms and I have my altitud in the pfd as well but I won’t follow it. The lateral cross from the FD goes down and up

  2. Hello. I’m new in this. I’m trying to use autopilot in the E195. I want the autopilot fly the route I load in the FMS, but this aircraft hast 2 different fms. I’m using the one on the bottom, similar to the one in the 737. I can’t get the auto pilot to fly the rout without me moving the course or heading. Neither can I get it to reach the altitude I want (I’ve selected the ALT and put the altitud I want)


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