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  1. Thanks for going to the effort of such an in-depth comparative review. I am fairly new to x-plane and am building a UK base as I have generally little time for long hops and I decided to go with Orbx TE. All parts are fairly large which limits what I can do. I only have a 750Gb SSD in my system for x-plane... Not or worth the money for such a mess... A
  2. I have this too, after reading good reviews. One point I must raise is that the Spitfire never had a locking tail wheel like the Mustang. It is free castoring, like supermarket trolley wheels. There is a cheat you can configure on this plane to do so, but that is not a Spitfire really... While this model is a welcome sight and beautifully crafted, there are a few problems that I have with it in the current 1.05 version. That LF will cut out at 10,000 ft or so, regardless of fuel cock, fuel pump settings, landing is like walking on eggshells, as it groundloops before you can even respond to the tail swinging, my starter fails before I have even attempted to start, and I feel the rudder has too little authority on ground handling... I must add that I am probably not qualified to make such statements, as I have never actually been in one with the engine running, let alone taxi in one or (dream mode) actually got to fly in one. The team is exceptionally dedicated it would appear, they are patching regularly and listen to the community feedback. This has all the potential of becoming a classic in my eyes. I hope that the team can pull it off, because it has to be one of the most iconic aircraft ever to have been built and flown. Andrew
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