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  1. Yes, it is the newer 140 v3. I understand a variety of avionics setups, just trying to understand some details of this one. You mentioned the TKM MX 300 Com panel for Nav2 functions, so my questions is, with only one OBS, is there a way to switch back and forth between Nav1 and Nav2 being slaved to the OBS, or better still, is there a way to add another OBS to the cockpit?
  2. I am new to XPlane but have flown several models of the Piper Cherokee real world. I bought my first XPlane recently, which was the Piper 140 original. When switching to the IFR version, I see my OBS is slaved to the localizer frequency in the Garmin 430. Why is there no OBS for the Nav 2 in the radio. Is there a fix for this?
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