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  1. Hello X-Plane Reviews! Congratulations on one year of great add-on reviews! Of all your reviews, I must say that my favorite review of your is the 747-8, mainly since it is one of my all time favorites. The author put in a great balance of information and visuals that give a the reader a great idea of they're buying along with the pros and cons. The first few paragraphs explaining the history of this graceful bird really gave me a sense of her long and storied history. It also made slightly sad realizing that this will be the final form of the Queen of the Skies. From there, the cockpit review and the start up procedure is simple, and easy to to follow with a good number of pictures to show you what you get to work with. What truly got me hooked though was the explanation for the FMS. I'm pretty awful at using any FMS, including the default one , but I could quite simply follow what was going on. The actual review of the flight was pretty much what I expected, but I was grateful that the author put a note about the frame rate hit. The night lighting was shown well, and I impressed with the way that SSG managed to implement it on such a big aircraft. In conclusion, your review persuaded me to get the aircraft, I was not disappointed. It was exactly like the review said. The accuracy of this review has convinced me to continue reading review from you guys and will surely tell other readers what they getting if they purchase this aircraft. Thanks for all your reviews, and happy birthday!
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